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TH E M R EP O RT | 7 MTECH A Better Way for QC TRK'S INSIGHT RISK AND DEFECT MANAGEMENT IS DESIGNED TO DRIVE QUALITY AND EFFICIENCY THROUGH- OUT THE ORIGINATION PROCESS. T RK, a Utah-based provider of mortgage quality control (QC) and origination management solutions, announced that its flagship mortgage QC audit platform Insight Risk and Defect Management (RDM) is now available through the Ellie Mae Encompass digital lending platform via Ellie Mae's Encompass Partner Connect APIs. TRK is the first QC audit technology provider currently integrated with Encompass using these advanced and extensible APIs. The seamless integration allows lenders to utilize Insight RDM for pre-funding and post-closing QC directly through Encompass to drive quality and efficiency in the loan origination process. Insight RDM delivers QC functionality to streamline the loan defect management and remediation process, helping mortgage lenders track, report, and trend loan defects to reduce repurchase risk and elevate loan quality. The enhanced integration also enables Insight RDM to use those data elements in conjunction with Ellie Mae's system of record to improve process flow, increase audit speed, and provide additional automation in the loan file review process. Examples of this include the abil- ity to take advantage of loan origination milestones to trigger pre-funding quality control eligibility or to systematically attach documentation to reverifications. For users that have customized Encompass to store QC and defect data within the system, TRK will provide support for custom fields lenders have created within Encompass to support existing QC workflows. "Having direct access to the Encompass Partner Connect APIs has allowed us to build an environment in which Insight RDM and Encompass work in seamless harmony to support lenders' quality control activities," said Jeremy Burcham, TRK Executive VP of Strategy. "TRK is delighted to expand its relationship with Ellie Mae, and we look forward to continuing that expansion throughout the Ellie Mae solu- tion ecosystem." Ellie Mae is a provider of on-demand soft- ware solutions and services for the residential mortgage industry. Ellie Mae's Encompass digital mortgage solution provides one system of record that is designed to enable banks, credit unions, and mortgage lenders to originate and fund mortgages and improve compliance, loan quality, and efficiency. FROM THE SOURCE READ THIS THE ENERGY BUS: 10 RULES TO FUEL YOUR LIFE, WORK, AND TEAM WITH POSITIVE ENERGY by Jon Gordon In this international bestseller, Jon Gordon reveals the rules for approaching life and work with a positive and forward-thinking mindset that can lead to accomplishments profession- ally and in personal life. Structured as a story, The Energy Bus is full of practical advice on how to cut out negative feelings, replace them with positive thoughts, and fuel your life journey with committed people and a can-do outlook. In the book, Gordon argues that positive energy can not only be used to build and lead successful teams but is contagious and rubs off on employees, colleagues, and customers while bringing out the best in them and in you. "When I talk about positive energy, I'm referring to the optimism, trust, enthusiasm, love, purpose, joy, passion, and spirit to live, work, and perform at a higher level," Gordon writes. SHARE THIS TSHEETS BY QUICKBOOKS TSheets is an app from the QuickBooks stable aimed at helping busy managers and executives stay on top of reviewing their team's clock-in and clock-out times. Available on Android and iOS, the app can also be used for employees working remote or those who are traveling for work to clock in and clock out through their Android or iPhone mobile devices. The app also comes with GPS employee location data to help managers see who's working and where, and to coordinate their teams' times with precision. It also provides a comprehensive view of employee schedules and helps team leaders make updates from any- where in real time. TSheets' tablet-based punch clock uses facial recognition not only to help remote employees but also to assist managers with keeping track of their employees' scheduled and work times. TWEET THIS #EGRRCPA This May will mark a year since the Dodd-Frank Reforms Act—also known as the Economic Growth, Regulatory Relief and Consumer Protection Act (EGRRCPA)—was signed into law. This legislation enacts numerous reforms and changes regulations pertaining to lenders. One of the primary changes was increasing the threshold for enhanced regulatory standards from $50 billion to $250 billion, designed to exempt some smaller and mid-sized banks from regulations that would still apply to the larger banking entities. The affected regulations pertain to capital and liquidity rules, risk management standards, and stress testing requirements, among other things. Since then, the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (@USOCC) and the Federal Reserve have introduced rules that will help banks to comply with the changes made under this new legislation. WATCH THIS JEROME POWELL'S 60 MINUTES INTERVIEW In this interview with CBS's Scott Pelley, Fed Chair Jerome Powell dwells on the current risks to the U.S. econo- my and whether the Fed will raise interest rates this year. "We see the economy as in a good place. We think that the outlook is a favorable one. Inflation is muted, and our policy rate, we think, is in an appropri- ate place. So what we've said is that we would be patient," Powell said in the interview, a com- ment that he made even after the last meeting of the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) in March. However, he said that the principal risks to the U.S. economy were external in nature with economic events such as the slower growth in China and Europe and risk events such as Brexit likely to impact U.S. GDP growth. To view the video, go to and search "60 Minutes Jerome Powell."

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