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TH E M R EP O RT | 37 Gina Daya AVP OF FORECLOSURE, FAY SERVICING, LLC Gina Daya said watching one of her direct reports use an old methodology spurred her to think of a way to more effectively complete that task. The implementation of this new procedure is what Daya called her proudest career achievement. "It was such a rush to come to work and see my direct reports thriving with the new process, something I helped develop," Daya said. Daya's most important career lesson came from one of the most tragic moments in her life: the passing of her father, five years ago. "I lost my father, but I also lost my career advisor, my cheerleader, and my mentor, all in one. I had always worked hard but I didn't have a real sense of purpose or direction of what I wanted to do in life," she said. She was forced to come out of her element and face challenges she never imagined. "We rarely unlock our true potential unless we are challenged with some kind of obstacle or are forced to overcome what seems impossible," Daya said. "If it wasn't for that event, I definitely would not be where I am today." Keena Newmark MANAGING ATTORNEY - BANKRUPTCY, PADGETT LAW GROUP When reflecting on her career path so far, Keena Newmark recalled a moment that happened during a recent diversity and inclusion panel where a presenter was an attorney she had hired out of law school. In his remarks, he singled Keena out as a strong influence and inspiration on his own career. "He spoke about my impact on his professional development and specifically how seeing a black woman rising in the industry [helped build] a foundation for his own success, where he hasn't felt limited by boundaries and ceilings," Newmark said. "I have a passion for empowerment, so it makes me extremely proud to know I have had an impact that I hope will continue to be paid forward." Newmark added that it is important to recognize that everyone has a gift, and that it is her "professional responsibility and privilege" to harness each individual's talents and gifts. She said she wants to challenge her employees to strive for a constant state of improvement, not falling back on what is easy and comfortable. Tomaneci Waller-Day DIRECTOR, OFFICE OF INCLUSIVE ENGAGEMENT, EMPLOYEES AND SUPPLIERS, FREDDIE MAC The most important lesson Tomaneci Waller-Day has learned is that "you can't do anything alone." She said she owes her success to her colleagues within Freddie Mac's Office of Inclusive Engagement at Freddie Mac. "They bring the mission and vision of our initiatives to life," she said. "I believe that, as leaders, our role is to ensure that advocates and champions supporting our efforts have room to fail fast, learn, try again, and keep moving forward as leaders themselves. My leadership is not just ideation and direction; on the contrary, I roll up my sleeves and get to work—my team values this support." Waller-Day created Freddie Mac's first diverse supplier development program called the Vendor Academy. The program helps diverse suppliers learn how to do business with Freddie Mac and how to grow their business with other financial services companies. "My team and I continue to improve the program by using human-centered design principles, exploring case studies, and evaluating suppliers' responses to 'mock' RFP's."

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