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TH E M R EP O RT | 41 Marcia J. Griffin FOUNDER AND PRESIDENT, HOMEFREE-USA Marcia Griffin told MReport that her greatest contribution to her community has been serving as a positive bridge between homebuyers and lenders. Empathy, targeted marketing, results, and a staff that is dedicated to uplift- ing under-served communities are the cornerstones of her success. "My impact on the community is ac- celerated by marketing messages that touch the hearts and minds of our pub- lic," Griffin said. "For our partners, we are a marketing connection to new custom- ers. For our community, we are a trusted guide and connection that will guide them home despite their perceived chal- lenges. Griffin said being results-orientation is key. "We understand our responsibilities and we produce ... So everybody wins." She is most proud of assisting more than 8,000 people to buy their first home. HomeFree-USA enjoys a 0% fore- closure rate. The HomeFree-USA nation- wide network that Griffin oversees, has put over 24,000 LMI families into homes. "My staff is my backbone. They em- body a culture that stands for integrity, a can-do attitude and the elevation of homeownership success for under- served communities. We make life more productive and easier for everyone we serve." Tracey Marie Naranjo FORECLOSURE SUPERVISOR, CARRINGTON MORTGAGE SERVICES, LLC Tracey Marie Naranjo has been an active leader in local communities, spearheading events and fundraisers and keeping others aware of ways they can help. She has volunteered at foster centers, juvenile detention centers, underrepresented scholar programs, special education programs, special olympics, evacuation shelters, and charity events helping wounded soldiers. She has also led fundraisers to raise money for supplies at foster care centers, troops overseas, families, cancer patients, and domestic violence shelters. Naranjo said her proudest achievement is the success of those she has helped. "The impact you can make on one's life by simply listening, motivating, and encouraging goes beyond any monetary success," she said. "When you are able to see the life of one person change simply because your lives crossed paths is amazing." Naranjo added the biggest lessons she has learned throughout her career has been to "walk the talk," and "give credit where it's due." Gina West DIRECTOR, COMMUNITY RELATIONS, FANNIE MAE Gina West believes strongly in creating a positive employee culture that provides opportunities to support the diverse interests and needs of the workforce. West said that during her six years at Fannie Mae, she has helped develop community-impact programs that enable employees to participate "wherever they are in their careers and regardless of where they are located." These programs include virtual volunteerism opportunities, nonprofit board training for employees of all levels, and a post-disaster home rebuild deployment program, which is open to and brings together employees. During her time at Fannie Mae, she is most proud of creating 7 Days to SERVE, the annual week of volunteer service that has "reinvigorated" Fannie Mae's culture of service and brings employees together. Participation in the program grew from 18% in 2013 to 51% this year. West said she worked to establish the Fannie Mae Employee Relief Fund for an employee who lost their home in flood in 2017. Since its inception, the program has raised close to $100,000 to provide support for employees.

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