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42 | TH E M R EP O RT Sherry Graziano SVP, MORTGAGE TRANSFORMATION, SUNTRUST Sherry Graziano said one truth that remains constant, no matter her role, is that diversity is strength. "Diversity and inclusion in the workforce is the secret weapon that inspires new creative ideas, fresh thinking, and a better workplace culture," Graziano said. "As the Mortgage Transformation Officer, I recognize that it's that diverse-inspired thinking that gives us access to fresh ideas that can transform our business." Graziano supports numerous minority, women, and LGBTA Teammate Network efforts, and has also conducted enterprise training on professional development. Graziano also designed a new loan officer training program that targeted some of the most diverse schools, hoping to bring some of that talent into SunTrust. The most important lesson that Graziano can share is to "find what you are passionate about and remain obsessed." "You have to be intentional with what you want and advocate for what you believe in," she said. "In the corporate world, there are sometimes so many competing priorities it's not always clear how best to invest your energy. My suggestion is something I learned early on from my sons' baseball games: never take your eye off of the ball." Lisa J. Haynes SVP, CHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER, AND CHIEF DIVERSITY AND INCLUSION OFFICER, MORTGAGE BANKERS ASSOCIATION Lisa J. Haynes said diversity and inclusion plays a vital role in the creation of "belonging" within an organization. However, for diversity and inclusion to be seamless, it has to be a "natural part of the culture." "It has to be who we are as a company," she said. "Diversity without inclusion doesn't get to the heart of the issue—inclusion must be taken one more step—belonging." Haynes added that research shows that companies with diverse senior leadership, diverse board, and diverse teams make better decisions, are more innovative, build better products, and often have higher revenue. Haynes said promoting diversity and inclusion differs for each company, as what works for some, may not work for others. She noted the MBA has its diversity and inclusion awards program where member companies are recognized for promoting diversity and inclusion. "[Diversity and inclusion] is about changing the culture and creating environments where there are differing views at that table." The DIVERSITY & INCLUSION Award Celebrating those who have successfully broken barriers and helped lead the charge in developing diverse workplace cultures by fostering inclusive and welcoming environments for people of every color, creed, and gender to prosper and achieve over adversity (minimum 10 years' consecutive industry experience). Finalists An MReport Issue Featuring Five Star Conference's Keystone Awards Finalists

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