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TH E M R EP O RT | 43 Nisa Reyes Howard EVP, DIRECTOR OF COMPLIANCE, PRIMELENDING Nisa Reyes Howard said that, over the past two decades, she has worked to ensure that people "representing every walk of life" have fair access to homeownership. In her role at PrimeLending, she is responsible for the company's Fair Lending program, which monitors market conditions and dedicates additional support resources to areas that could benefit from minority lending. "My team has not only introduced Spanish loan documentation but also offered third-party translation services to all loan originators to help expand the company's minority lending program. As a result of these efforts, PrimeLending has hired more Spanish- speaking originators, opening the door to homeownership for many first-time buyers," Reyes Howard said. One of her favorite terms to share with her team is API, which stands for Assume Positive Intent. "Check your ego at the door and choose to build relationships with each other based on trust, respect, and a commitment to finding win-win outcomes. Organizations are made up of diverse individuals with vastly different talents and experiences," she said. Ingrid Jaschok SVP, SERVICING OPERATIONAL SUPPORT, MR. COOPER "As one of the first women to become an SVP in the servicing organization at Mr. Cooper, I recognized an opportunity to serve as a role model for women in breaking the glass ceilings that have long existed in our industry," said Ingrid Jaschok. And as a member of the LGBTQ community, Jaschok believes she has a responsibility to be open and transparent about not only who she is as a female, but also as a leader of Mr. Cooper's Pride community. She said this has been a priority for her since her time at Kent State, where she was an active member of the Gay and Lesbian Association. She also helped establish Mr. Cooper's first gay pride group and served as its first President. "The resource group, Cooper Pride, has several hundred members and has changed the way our team members look at diversity and inclusion," she said. Jaschok leads training and awareness campaigns to further educate the team at Mr. Cooper on the challenges and successes in the LGBTQ community. "Within my own organization, I push my team to improve the customer experience and I focus on setting a tone for social justice and ensure each and every team member feels included," she said. Liliana C.A. Nigrelli CHIEF COMPLIANCE OFFICER, CHURCHILL MORTGAGE Liliana Nigrelli told MReport that diversity helps provide companies within the mortgage industry with employees who represent society as a whole. She said it is vital that industry leaders must recognize diversity begins with recruitment. "While every organization wants to hire the best candidates based on skills and experience, diversity must remain a priority throughout the recruitment process," Nigrelli said. "Companies who recognize this are more successful because of the increased efficiency, employee engagement, and customer service a diverse talent pool provides." Additionally, creating a culture of inclu- sivity is essential to improve employee re- tention, Nigrelli said, as working to foster a consistent culture that values "fresh ideas" team members bring to the table will at- tract more diverse talent. "By hiring and working with people of diverse experiences and abilities—whether it be physical disability, nationality, religion, age, gender, employees with young children, sexual orientation, or sexual identity—we have been able to incorporate different ways of thinking and perspectives. We are able to solve problems more effectively and create new processes by tapping into these unique viewpoints each employee brings."

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