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TH E M R EP O RT | 45 Ali Haralson CHIEF BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT OFFICER, AUCTION.COM Ali Haralson said her success as a business owner earlier in her career is one of her proudest achievements. Being an entrepreneur gave her the ability to build every part of the organization, deciding how best to work toward a diverse employee culture. "The most gratifying aspect has been the job creation, coaching and witnessing the growth of more than 1,400 employees," she said. "Together, we achieved over $50 billion in servicing. In addition, I led the design of programs resulting in tens of thousands of loss mitigation alternatives to foreclosure, meaning that distressed homeowners stayed in their homes." During her time at, she has helped the company create products such as Portfolio Interact and Bid Interact, which help sellers make educated decisions about their portfolio strategies. She added that she is also proud of expanding's community involvement by working directly with organizations that support housing, neighborhoods, and veterans. The most important lesson she has learned, she said, is to embrace authenticity in both herself and others. "Authenticity unlocks employee strengths, enriches your workforce, and gives you the wherewithal to succeed beyond the status quo," she said. Caroline Reaves CEO, MORTGAGE CONTRACTING SERVICES Caroline Reaves said she is in awe of the barriers that have been knocked down during her 34-year career in the industry. "My journey hasn't always been an easy one. I've encountered a few influential people in our industry who didn't believe a woman was capable of leading a business," Reaves said. "But I've also been blessed to have worked with some phenomenal leaders who encouraged me to pursue my dreams." Reaves said she has the opportunity to provide the same support for women and minorities who are working to grow their careers and advance our industry. "I couldn't be more proud of the leaders we've grown here at MCS. Our executive team is a diverse group of men and women that represents a variety of life experiences and skillsets. Several of these leaders started with MCS as entry-level employees, and it's been amazing to watch them grow within our business." "Don't be afraid to take a step back and look at how you're leading," Reaves told MReport. "Great leaders adapt and grow, and to do that you have to be willing to be honest with yourself about where you are today." Carla Wise PRESIDENT RESIDENTIAL SERVICING, FREEDOM MORTGAGE CORPORATION Carla Wise said it is important to instil in others the desire to always do their best, be determined, and always strive to be better each day. She encourages leaders to lead with honesty, integrity, and to lead by example. "I've learned that, even after 34 years in the mortgage servicing industry, I still learn something new almost every day," Wise said. "I've learned everything you do matters and that my personal reputation is more important than any paycheck I have ever received. We all benefit from the help of a mentor and those who assist us along the way." Wise said her proudest achievements are when she is approached by others that she has helped mentor who are now in leadership roles in the mortgage industry. She said she is "delighted" to know her actions have helped others and improve their lives and the lives of their families. She said her career did not go as planned, because "I could not have dreamed of anything so big and so amazing." "I grew up in low-income rental housing. It is hard work and training that have allowed me to have a career and life that I could not have ever imagined," Wise said. "The mere fact that my name is on a page next to Laurie Maggiano and the other amazing women who are nominees means so very much."

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