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M R EP O RT | 11 MTECH education of those involved in the real estate transaction is perhaps the most critical preventative step. FNF's partnership with ALTA in the Coalition to Stop Real Estate Wire Fraud shows our commitment to educating the real estate industry and consumers alike about the dangers of wire fraud." Businesses and organizations that have formed a partner- ship with the Coalition are committed to educating all par- ties in the homebuying process in an effort to protect them from this cybercrime, which can strip consumers of their money, personal data and, in some cases, homes. "We are thrilled to have Fidelity National Financial as a Coalition partner," ALTA CEO Diane Tomb said. "The company is a natural fit. Operating some of the largest title insurance companies in the United States, Fidelity has a huge stake in helping put a stop to real estate wire fraud and mortgage closing scams. We hope that by continuing to grow the Coalition, more industry partners will take notice and welcome the chance to prevent the cyber scamming that destroys homebuyers' futures." Loan Apps, On Demand DEC: CREDIT PLUS, INC. ANNOUNCED A NEW INTEGRATION WITH SERVICE PROVIDER VOLLY IN ORDER TO SPEED UP THE APPLICATION PROCESS. C redit Plus, a provider of data and verifications for all stages of the mortgage lending process, announced that has integrated with Volly, a provider of SaaS- based Marketing Automation, CRM and POS solutions for banks and mortgage companies. The integration allows loan officers to simplify their mortgage process by submitting a loan application on- demand directly through the Volly POS and, in turn, receiving a borrower's credit report from Credit Plus FROM THE SOURCE READ THIS "TALKING TO STRANGERS: WHAT WE SHOULD KNOW ABOUT PEOPLE THAT WE DON'T KNOW" by Malcom Gladwell Malcom Gladwell asks big questions about larger-than-life personalities and points out how historical blindspots remain, even for the most infamous of names. Learn how Fidel Castro fooled the CIA for a generation. Why did Neville Chamberlain decide he could trust Adolf Hitler? In Talking to Strangers, Gladwell argues that something is fundamentally wrong with the tools and strate- gies we use to make sense of people we don't know. SHARE THIS PROOFHUB ProofHub is an all-inclusive platform for freelanc- ers, remote teams, small businesses, and enterprises to plan, organize, track, proof, and deliver work faster and more effectively. The program's key features include chat, custom roles, custom reports, files, notes, and timesheets. Companies that utilize ProofHub include Taco Bell, Disney, United Airlines, and many more, so there's almost certainly value to be found for your team. Pricing begins at $45 a month and it can be utilized on both iOS and Android. TWEET THIS #SINGLEFAMILYHOUSING Single-family housing weathered a tumultuous year in 2019. In the face of rising home prices, lack of inventory, and affordability challenges, the housing market nevertheless remained strong for most of 2019. However, government intervention—especially at the local level—now threatens traditional single-family housing as mu- nicipalities work to find solutions to housing inventory and afford- ability woes. What does the future hold for single-family housing in 2020? Find out by staying on top of trends with this hashtag. WATCH THIS HOUSING TO CHALLENGE BORROWERS IN 2020 George Ratiu, Senior Economist for, recently appeared on CNBC's The Exchange to discuss the housing market and what buyers can expect in 2020. To view this video, head to and search "housing" to watch the video. The FBI estimates that only 12-15% of all wire fraud is reported.

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