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M R EP O RT | 3 M R EP O RT | 3 CO NTE NTS 20 SHAPING THE FUTURE OF HUD AND FHA The Hon. Brian D. Montgomery speaks with MReport about the False Claims Act, better aligning with the GSEs, and bringing the organization's technology into the 21st century. 24 LENDING IN THE ERA OF NON-QM How did Dodd-Frank regulations redefine the housing and residential credit markets? 28 LEVERAGING THE MILLENNIAL RENTAL MARKET A thriving market, optimistic projections, and investor cash flow loans can help close more loans for investor clients. 32 THE CAPTURE 2.0 REVOLUTION The combination of OCR data capture and machine learning is poised to be transformative. 36 RENOVATED PROPERTIES, RENEWED OTENTIAL Renovation loans offer another critical way for lenders and investors to leverage the potential of Opportunity Zones and assist homebuyers in search of affordable housing 39 SPECIAL SECTION Best in Property Valuations The nature of valuations and appraisals has been changing, and the best valuation practices come through strong technology implementation. DEPARTMENTS 16 EXPERT INSIGHTS Stephen Butler, Founder and President of AI Foundry 17 MDWELL Where Refinances Are Getting the Greenlight. 18 MCROWD Who's moving on and who's moving up in the industry.

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