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40 | M R EP O RT SPECIAL ADVERTISING SECTION: BEST IN PROPERTY VALUATIONS Global DMS KEY PERSONNEL Vladimir Bien-Aime President and CEO Jody Collup COO Michael Quaranto CISO/VP of Technology Shawn Barmore Sales Executive CONTACT INFORMATION 1555 Bustard Road, Suite 300, Lansdale, PA 19446 877.866.2747 COMPANY DESCRIPTION Vladimir Bien-Aime founded Global DMS ® in 1999 with the goal of bringing efficiency and mobility to the appraisal industry leveraging web-based software. Over the years, Global DMS has grown to become a leading provider of web- based compliant appraisal technol- ogy solutions for the mortgage industry. The company's offerings include eTrac, MARS, Global Kinex, SnapVal, and AMCmatch. Now Global DMS is proud to introduce our latest product suite, EVO, the technological game-changer for both the residential and commer- cial lending industries. COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE Global DMS has taken the past 20 years of knowledge and experience and created new appraisal technol- ogy that performs like none other in the mortgage industry. Global DMS prides itself on delivering innovative solutions that maximize customers' return on investment by deliver- ing cost-effective technology that is faster, easier to use, and more productive. EVO is changing the valuation landscape by changing how ap- praisal technology works. Every member of your staff only sees what they need to see, when they need to see it. EVO was built with the individual users in mind, so there is no cross-population of work, allowing for a personal- ized, role-based experience that is trackable. In turn, this allows departments and outside parties to work in concert, giving clients clear consensus and fewer surprises, all while staying in compliance. Layered on top of the user-based roles is a state-of-the-art workflow engine that automates every de- sired activity within your appraisal process. Need additional fields? No, problem. EVO allows desig- nated users to create new fields instantaneously. These fields are immediately usable and report- able. Global DMS found many of its clients struggled with the need for multiple review forms. With EVO, creating new forms is as easy as dragging and dropping into a Word document onto the screen. This digital version of your form allows for 100% trackability and for infor- mation to become pre-populated, as well as allowing for the use of digital signatures. Utilizing information gathered from its customers, Global DMS figured out how to program EVO's auto-assign workflow features such that they encompass a true cascade of actions. This delivers a level of automation that has not been seen before in our industry. EVO is truly technologically advanced through unparalleled configurability, automation, trans- parency, and reporting. Global DMS invites you to discover how this state-of-the-art technol- ogy can help your business boost productivity and reduce costs within your organization. ADDED VALUE Global DMS helps clients exceed their goals with the ability to moni- tor, manage, and automate the ap- praisal management process with an intuitive solution that is config- ured to their needs, thus increasing revenue, cutting costs, and reduc- ing risk. Because virtually every field in EVO is configurable, there is no need for time-consuming and costly custom development projects. EVO-Res helps clients realize their true potential by providing powerful and dependable real-time data, enabling them to become even more operationally efficient. On-demand reporting of standard as well as customized fields can be run ad hoc or set up to run and deliver automatically at any interval, so management always has up-to- date information at their fingertips. KEYS TO SUCCESS Global DMS' goal is to foster suc- cessful and lasting partnerships with its clients by providing the most innovative and advanced appraisal platforms available. The company prides itself in listening to its customers' needs and delivering them as quickly as possible. Global DMS' experience is that when the client has the tools needed to grow their business, we all win. That's why clients can always reach Global DMS in the event they have a question or need additional as- sistance. Together we can make a true impact on your business.

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