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SPECIAL ADVERTISING SECTION: BEST IN PROPERTY VALUATIONS M R EP O RT | 41 Radian Real Estate Services KEY PERSONNEL Eric Ray Senior EVP, Technology and Transaction Services Katie Brewer SVP, Real Estate Services Operations Aviva Bush SVP, Valuation Services Michael Dziuba SVP, Enterprise Sales, Mortgage and Real Estate Services CONTACT INFORMATION 215.231.1626 1500 Market St. Philadelphia, PA 19102 COMPANY DESCRIPTION The Radian family of companies provides the most comprehensive suite of private mortgage insurance, risk management products, and real estate services in the industry. • Mortgage Insurance—MI, contract underwriting, secondary marketing, and sales training • Real Estate Services—full suite of property valuations, asset management, loan analytics, and real estate market insights • Mortgage Services—loan due diligence, securitization services, and servicing solutions • Title Services—national title, closing, and settlement services • Risk Services—mortgage risk analytics and credit risk services PRODUCTS Radian's family of companies provide a variety of real estate services including pricing and valuation products to investors, lenders, and loan servicers. Automated Valuation Products—Included within the products provided by affiliates of Radian are automated valuation products that can be in the form of interactive pricing products or advanced AVMs, which use multiple modeling frameworks and an astounding amount of data to deliver exceptionally accurate price estimates in real time. Broker Price Opinion (BPO)— Combining a network of more than 20,000 agents, and quality control on all orders, clients can be confident that the resulting broker price opinions will provide the sweet spot between competitive pricing and maximum profit. An extensive national network of more than 20,000 brokers is scored daily to ensure that your order is routed to the highest- ranked agent in the local market. Appraisal Products—Radian- affiliated companies provide a full assortment of residential appraisals, including full appraisals and hybrid appraisals, created by a licensed appraiser's use of either a BPO or an inspection performed by a local real estate licensee and other information to determine a market value. In addition, desktop reviews of third-party BPOs or appraisals are available . COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE • Informed by better data: Our automated products leverage more detailed data than any other provider. Not only do we have the best national coverage, but our data is also refreshed in most markets every 15 minutes. • More accurate estimates, more confident decisioning: The unparalleled breadth of data used in our automated valuation products, BPOs, and hybrid appraisal products results in higher-quality estimates that give you full confidence in the value of the property and your decisioning. • A reliable partner: Our services are backed by the trusted reputation and financial strength of Radian. TESTIMONIAL "I would argue that, without using [the interactive pricing product] to help establish a marketing strategy, we would be leaving money on the table by listing properties too low." —SVP, Single-Family REO

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