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36 | M R EP O RT Top 25 Fintech Innovators HEADQUARTERS LOCATION: Jacksonville, Florida PHONE: 904.854.5100 WEBSITE: HEADQUARTERS LOCATION: Irvine, California PHONE: 800.426.1466 WEBSITE: Black Knight, Inc. CoreLogic COMPANY DESCRIPTION: Black Knight is a leading provider of integrated software, data, and ana- lytics solutions that facilitate and automate many business processes across the homeownership life cycle. Black Knight's innovative, mission- critical solutions help clients overcome complex business challenges and optimize results. Clients rely on Black Knight to achieve their stra- tegic goals, realize greater success, and better serve their customers by delivering best-in-class software, services, and insights with a relentless commitment to excellence. • Servicing Digital— this first-of-its-kind responsive web and mobile app solution helps homeowners access important data about their home, loan, and neighborhood from their mobile device or laptop, and gives them the ability to make loan payments or review payment options from their phones.. • AIVA—a cloud-based artificial intelligence solution that performs repetitive, time-consuming tasks at scale, accelerating processes and enabling the team to focus on strategic initiatives to help grow the business. Through AIVA's machine-learning capabilities, AIVA is always expanding its knowledge base, becoming a more sophisti- cated "thinker." • Origination Digital—provides consumers near real-time document review and feedback, speeding up the prequalification and approval process. Built with responsive web design, Origination Digital enables access from any device and includes the ability to upload and review documents, validate data, and provide feedback to consumers. • Expedite Close—delivers a comprehensive, intelligent digital closing solution that creates efficiencies and reduces complexities by taking on much of the decisioning involved with eClosings. COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE: Black Knight's key competitive difference is its integration of innova- tive systems, solutions, business process automation, workflow, rules, and data throughout the loan process—from origination to servicing and default. This integration of technology and data across the loan life cycle provides for a better user experience, cost savings, and support for changing regulatory requirements. COMPANY DESCRIPTION: CoreLogic, a leading provider of property insights and solutions, pro- motes a healthy housing market and thriving communities. Through its enhanced property data solutions, services, and technologies, CoreLogic enables real estate professionals, financial institutions, insur- ance carriers, government agencies, and other housing market partici- pants to help millions of people find, acquire, and protect their homes. The company's data and tech teams work on the cutting edge lever- aging next-generation technology such as cloud native applications, machine learning, artificial intelligence, extreme programming, robotic process automation, image analytics, and more. INNOVATION SPOTLIGHT: • CoreLogic DigitalTax Platform—provides a unified and consistent view of property tax data across the mortgage ecosystem. The platform ensures greater accuracy through automation and analyt- ics and equips clients with high-quality data and a full scope of services for a seamless process, therefore eliminating some of the biggest issues that frustrate borrowers. CoreLogic is continuously focusing on relationships with taxing authorities across the country. Through increased data volumes and increased frequency of data exchange, CoreLogic facilitates tax services that help mortgage servicers know more, sooner. • 50 Years of Historical Tax Data—The CoreLogic DigitalTax Platform relies on 50 years of historical tax data and is constantly updated with information from 3,100 counties. COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE: Regulators today are scrutinizing real estate tax payments for data accu- racy and timeliness. Since CoreLogic is committed to procuring accurate data and building solutions to optimize that process, servicers are able to pass off some of the biggest challenges they face and tap into the re- sources CoreLogic has already built out to scale. The company services the majority of mortgages in the U.S. within its tax servicing division. This is in- dicative of the trust CoreLogic has earned from its clients, consistently pro- viding accurate and timely real estate tax data through solutions, including the DigitalTax Platform. As the industry evolves, CoreLogic will continue investing in product development efforts and building tools from the out- side in, using the voice of the customer as a guide for their top objectives.

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