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40 | M R EP O RT Top 25 Fintech Innovators HEADQUARTERS LOCATION: Lansdale, Pennsylvania PHONE: 877.866.2747 WEBSITE: HEADQUARTERS LOCATION: Dallas PHONE: 888.480.2432 WEBSITE: Global DMS Mr. Cooper COMPANY DESCRIPTION: Founded in 1999, Global DMS is a leading provider of cloud-based resi- dential and commercial real estate valuation solutions. The company's solution set is cost effectively delivered on a software-as-a-service (SaaS) transactional basis that ensures compliance adherence, reduc- es costs, increases efficiencies, and expedites the entire real estate ap- praisal process. Global DMS solutions include its new EVO-Residential (EVO-Res) platform for residential lending, EVO-Commercial (EVO-C) platform for commercial lending, as well as an expansive suite of prod- ucts that ensures valuations processes are automated from start to finish. INNOVATION SPOTLIGHT: • EVO-Residential (EVO-Res)—Global DMS' revolutionary residen- tial valuation management platform that incorporates 20 years of experience, resulting in the most innovative appraisal manage- ment product available in the market. This new technology solution is changing the valuation landscape by shattering the constraints of yesteryear software designs. EVO-Res offers state-of-the-art technological advances that allow users to work the way they need to work, unlike many other platforms on the market. • Highly Configurable— EVO-Res was built with users in mind with a user role roll-based workflow that is 100% configurable. Clients can have a tailored solution with an out-of-the-box implementation and delivery time and no development intervention needed. EVO-Res is so highly configurable that new fields can be added on the fly and are reportable immediately. COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE: In developing EVO-Res, Global DMS spent several years defining re- quirements, collaborating with clients, and analyzing best practices for every aspect of the appraisal process. The platform's numerous features and powerful workflow mean users no longer have to operate additional modules or other software in conjunction with their valua- tion management software, thus achieving a streamlined process that saves clients time and money. COMPANY DESCRIPTION: Mr. Cooper is the largest nonbank mortgage servicer and one of the largest servicers in the United States, with over 3.8 million customers. With experience spanning 20 years, Mr. Cooper is changing the face of home loans through its commitment to creating a customer-centric experience that leverages technology to help customers more intel- ligently manage their finances and achieve the dream of homeowner- ship. INNOVATION SPOTLIGHT: Mr. Cooper's Home Intelligence—a financial web/mobile based app that gives both homeowners and agents the information needed to make smarter financial decisions. Using data science technologies, Home Intelligence uses a suite of tools and data to help homeowners manage their most important asset, their home. Along with neighbor- hood data, the tool provides details on home value and equity, prop- erty tax history, and a homeowner's entire financial situation, including credit card debt, medical debt, student loans, and credit score to pro- vide smart solutions to different financial scenarios. Whether a home- owner wants to remodel their kitchen, lower their mortgage payment, or consolidate high-interest debt, the tool's powerful engine helps homeowners and agents alike find unexpected ways to accomplish financial goals. COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE: Mr. Cooper believes the home, rather than the loan, should be at the cen- ter of its relationship with customers. That's why the Home Intelligence mobile app uniquely sets the company apart. Mr. Cooper is dedicated to helping customers reach their ultimate goal of homeownership, and by providing seamless analysis and helpful data, homeowners can eas- ily see how taking certain steps—such as paying extra on their loan each month or refinancing their loan—can help them achieve this goal.

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