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from the source Point. Click. Innovate. READ THIS My Next Step: An Extraordinary Journey of Healing and Hope Dave Liniger is most recognized for buying one or two properties during his tenure in the Air Force and transforming that supplemental income into a nationally recognized real estate company. What many don't know is that the RE/MAX magnate spent half a year fighting for his life after a staph infection nearly claimed him at 67 years old. In his book, Liniger discusses how he prevailed through the harrowing ordeal that left him paralyzed from the neck down, caused him to have three critical surgeries, and served as the impetus for teaching himself how to walk again. While the e-book is not available yet, the e-reader version is. "LIKE" THIS Modify My Mortgage is the place for those seeking the latest in mortgage origination news and updates. The page offers discussion on certain issues not usually addressed in the national discourse. There is also client feedback and personal testimonies that make this interactive page not only a useful repository, but also a surprisingly humanizing look at a very complex industry. Those wanting an inspirational word or two should visit the page for its poems, which are written to inspire homeowners and business professionals and help them remain successful in their personal and professional endeavors. LINK THIS ISGN is a mortgage technology provider that serves a broad spectrum of the industry while focusing solely on mortgage and banking services. The ISGN LinkedIn page features frequent posts on industry-related news, useful tips, and movement within the company. It also highlights ISGN's available positions and a full listing of the company's products and services. TWEET THIS The digital resources today's upwardly mobile moguls should have at their fingertips. @ReutersBiz Reuters has a rich legacy as a global news leader and capitalizes on that tradition with a solid Twitter feed that serves as an offshoot of the main feed. The business channel of Reuters' Twitter feed provides links to its original reporting on housing matters and ancillary industry sectors, while also retweeting other relevant articles—some complimentary and others contradictory— to promote discussion on the feed and in the respective comment sections. WATCH THIS "Housing Boom Gone Bust?" The positive economic news surrounding housing gains has been linked to the improving jobs numbers, but recent data from the ADP national employment report show that while construction is on the rise, zero jobs were added to the sector. The report is puzzling to some analysts, but Michelle Meyer, an economist for Merrill Lynch, explains that the occurrence has a lot to do with seasonal building patterns, repairs from Hurricane Sandy, and other similar factors. Some employers, however, are reporting they can't find qualified labor to fill the jobs. The M Report | 9

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