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Special Advertorial Section Feature Pro Teck Valuation Services Pro Teck valuation services "Residential Real Estate Valuation Experts" CORPORATE PROFILE Corporate Headquarters key personnel Tom O'Grady CEO Matt Jenkins EVP of Operations Jeff Dickstein Chief Appraiser contact information Thomas Hoff Director of Marketing 307 Waverley Oaks Road Suite 305 Waltham, Massachusetts 02452 Phone: 781.899.4949 Fax: 781.891.3553 Web: COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE With a focus on product innovation and quality, Pro Teck has grown its market share within the origination, servicing, and capital market arenas. The company's goal is to provide clients with products and services that drive improved financial and risk-based decisions related to their investments in residential real estate.   All engagements start with a discovery process— Pro Teck works diligently to find out exactly what each client's valuation needs are. Pro Teck's sales team is comprised of industry experts— people who grew up in the trenches and truly understand the importance of accurate and reliable real estate information. The company will talk to each client as a consultant—asking questions and listening to better understand the client's needs, risk tolerances, decision processes, and IT infrastructure. Some clients might need a standard valuation product. Others might have special instructions, unique delivery needs, or other requirements that the process will uncover. Pro Teck Valuation Servicies is a national residential real estate valuation company— the sole focus of the company. By exceeding customer expectations and delivering consistent quality, Pro Teck has seen more than 40 percent compounded annual growth each year over the last five years and been featured in Inc. magazine's annual listing of the fastest-growing U.S. privately held companies five years in a row. BUSINESS SCOPE Pro Teck leverages the best data, analytics, and real estate expertise to provide more efficient, economical, transparent, and defendable collateral valuation services. Products and services offered include: ·· AMC Services ·· Desk Review ·· Collateral Point—Pro Teck's proprietary hybrid valuation solution ·· BPOs/Field Valuations ·· AVMs/Property Data ·· Real Estate Analytics ·· Home Value Forecast—Pro Teck's HPI, providing insights into the current U.S. housing market and commentary on future trends COMPANY HISTORY Pro Teck is the residential real estate valuation expert. Since 1977, its sole focus has been to provide customers with the most accurate and timely real estate information possible. Pro Teck specializes in customizing risk mitigation according to each client's individual business rules and tolerance levels. Through a full complement of valuation products and services, the company can build tailored solutions to support financially sound credit risk and portfolio due diligence strategies. The final result is that clients get a valuation product designed specifically to meet the unique needs of their organizations. KEYS TO SUCCESS ·· Residential real estate valuations are the company's sole focus and only offering. Clients never feel like they're working with a small division of a large conglomerate. ·· "Solution Neutral"—Since Pro Teck offers a full suite of valuation products and services, it won't push one over another. The company will recommend and efficiently deliver what is best for the client. ·· Industry experts who will work with clients, examine their real estate valuation needs, and offer solutions that meet their needs and tolerances. ·· A well-earned reputation for accuracy, service, and timeliness. Fundamentally, Pro Teck is a company of progressive thinkers who are always asking: Why not? The company's success can be directly tracked to a shared passion among Pro Teck's leadership for a service model that enables it to deliver fast and accurate valuations configured to each client's specific needs. The M Report | 35

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