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local edition SERVICING After 14 years of serving a hurt industry, the company says it just isn't in demand the way it once was. More than two-thirds of homeowners had enjoyable experiences while achieving a piece of the American dream. MAINE // Almost two-thirds of creating a positive homebuying experience." More than half but less than two-thirds of survey respondents said they were kept informed throughout the application process, noting their lender "showed adequate responsiveness," and considered their lender accessible. Twenty-four percent considered the homebuying process "very stressful" or "extremely stressful," and another 45 percent considered the process "somewhat stressful." TD Bank also found a majority of homebuyers applied for their mortgages in person—about 65 percent—while the remainder applied online. "Our Mortgage Servicing Index research showed that in today's low-interest environment, where most lenders can offer historically low rates, homebuyers should be particularly focused on finding a home financing partner who is accessible, responsive, and transparent throughout the homebuying process," said Michael Copley, EVP of retail lending at TD Bank. Houston Homebuilder Sees Future in Building 'Green' Eco-targeted trends will change the way homebuilders approach design from here on out. TEXAS // As the nation looks for ways to minimize its impact on the environment, one Houstonbased developer is predicting the "green home trend" will eclipse traditional building practices by the year 2020. The M Report | 55 se c on da r y m a r k e t homeowners who purchased homes in the past 10 years consider their homebuying experience "excellent" or "very good," according to survey results released by TD Bank, based in Portland, Maine. However, among the positives, TD Bank did find some room for improvement in certain areas. About 55 percent of survey respondents rated their ability to find a good real estate agent and their experience with the inspection and appraisal process as "excellent" or "very good." Finding the right lender seemed to be a little more difficult than finding the right real estate agent. About 53 percent of respondents rated their ability to find the right lender as "excellent" or "very good." The same percentage ranked the length of the homebuying process in one of these two top categories. Banks fared relatively well in the survey, with 66 percent of respondents saying their experience with their bank was either "excellent" or "very good." When choosing a bank, respondents generally considered two banks or lenders before selecting one. About 47 percent chose a bank where they had no existing accounts at the time, while about 34 percent worked with their primary bank. Among those who rated their overall homebuying experience as positive, 83 percent reported having "very good" interaction with their lender, which according to TD Bank reveals "how critical banks and lenders are to customer attitudes toward a na ly t ic s time provider of mortgage industry outreach services has closed up shop for good. Titanium Solutions, founded in 1999 and based in South Carolina since 2008, said its services aren't as in demand as they once were with the market now in recovery. A reader forwarded to the a statement from the company that was reportedly sent to vendors and posted at, a discussion forum for real estate professionals. It read in part: "[T]he use of face-to-face outreach has seen precipitous decline in the market. This decline in demand can be attributed to improving mortgage delinquency rates, declining foreclosures, and improved servicer processes, all positive signs for the mortgage industry; unfortunately not beneficial for the longterm growth of Titanium. As a result of these changes in the marketplace, we have decided to cease operations effective March 13, 2013 . . . . Effective immediately, all work outstanding assignments are being closed and returned to our clients." In the statement, Titanium also expressed its "deep appreciation" to all of the professionals who served as "the face of Titanium" in its borrower outreach efforts. "You were the hope for many when there was no hope. The good work you have done is greatly appreciated by the team here at Titanium Solutions, and we hope that the contacts you have made and relationships you have established with these homeowners will continue to bear fruit in years to come," the company said. Homebuyers Feeling Positive About Purchasing s e r v ic i ng SOUTH CAROLINA // A long- Or ig i nat ion Titanium Shutters Its Doors

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