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local edition ANALYTICS — Steven Horne, Wingspan create a custom cascade. The four components address lien data, lien positioning logic, automated credit and lien analysis, and automated analysis and decisioning through DataQuick's National Property Database, Precision Lien Model (PLM), ARTAdvisor, and PortfolioQ , respectively. In lieu of manual processes, the Portfolio Management Intelligence Suite also offers automation to provide clients with the greatest ease and accuracy. "The suite's automation is able to provide an accurate, quick, and cost-effective loan review every time," Walsh said. "The technology that drives the automation allows for a faster and more frequent evaluation of the portfolio and reduces the review staff needed to perform timeintensive manual reviews on a portfolio." The M Report | 65 se c on da r y m a r k e t CALIFORNIA // Real estate information solutions provider DataQuick unveiled its Portfolio Management Intelligence Suite, designed to provide configurable solutions to meet clients' specific portfolio requirements, solve their portfolio management problems, and identify high-return opportunities. The suite identifies credit, collateral, lien, and transaction risks found within each lender's or investor's portfolio, enabling users to identify and capitalize on credit, collateral, and portfolio opportunities to support business strategies. Users can also apply business rules to determine reserve calculations and make decisions on individual properties within the portfolio. "Market shifts and regulatory requirements have made portfolio management more crucial and complicated than ever, but many still find themselves operating on inconsistent, manual, or expensive platforms that don't address the loan portfolios in their entirety," said DataQuick president John Walsh. "Identifying problems, opportunities and deploying a custom solution for each loan is imperative to not only ensure compliant management, but also to maximize revenue and profit potential." The solution consists of four core components utilized either individually or cohesively to TEXAS // Wingspan Portfolio Advisors, a diversified mortgage servicing company operating in the Dallas area, says lenders, servicers, and investors are "leaving money on the table" by not doing their homework on oil and gas leases. The company worked in 2012 with oil and gas exploration and production companies to help them preserve energy leases in residential communities. In the process, it was discovered that oil companies hold leases under entire communities, permitting drilling processes to recover gas and oil deposits—and servicers are often unaware. "Lenders and servicers are definitely missing a revenue opportunity," said Wingspan president and CEO Steven Horne. "Subordinating a mortgage for an oil and gas lease is not like allowing a typical lien that poses a foreclosure risk. The mortgagee can still foreclose, but it will not wipe out the lease." Horne went on to explain that oil and gas companies will pay a subordination fee based on the location and productivity of the lease, some of which can run as high as $500 in the oil-rich areas of Texas, Colorado, and Pennsylvania. At the same time, properties currently in REO portfolios may have former leases that energy companies would want to renew. "Tens of thousands of leases were wiped out during the foreclosure crisis," Horne said. "When banks own REO, they are generally unwilling to execute a new lease on a property either because they are misinformed or unaware of the benefits they are passing up. Servicers should also know that leaseholders are motivated to help with costs a na ly t ic s The San Diego-based company launches a set of products designed to identify portfolio risks and solve management problems. The firm says lenders and servicers should fuel up their knowledge of oil, gas leases. s e r v ic i ng DataQuick Rolls Out Customizable Solutions Suite Or ig i nat ion Wingspan Notes Profit Potential in Energy Leases "Lenders and servicers are definitely missing a revenue opportunity."

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