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32 | M R EP O RT TOP 30 COMPANIES IN MORTGAGE & SERVICING HEADQUARTERS: Atlanta, GA; 877.319.8840; Gee Aldridge, Managing Partner, CEO Marissa Connors, General Counsel Casper Rankin, Supervising Partner Aldridge Pite, LLP LEGAL Aldridge Pite, LLP, is a multistate law firm offering services in Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Nevada, New Mexico, New York, Oregon, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, and Washington. Aldridge Pite is a full- service provider of legal services to depository and non-depository financial institutions including banks, credit unions, mortgage servicing concerns, institutional investors, private firms, and other commercial clients. STAFFING STATS YEAR ESTABLISHED: 2010 EMPLOYEES: 400-plus ADDITIONAL OFFICES: San Diego; Melville, NY; Delray Beach, FL GIVING BACK Children's Hospitals [Rady in San Diego, Children's Village (SOS) in Florida, and Children's Healthcare in Atlanta) Healing for Heroes Hurricane Helping Hand Long Island Against Domestic Violence PRAISE CORNER Annual USFN Diamond Award of Excellence for 10 consecutive years Sandy Springs Best of 2020 Closing Attorneys BENEFITS AND PERKS The firm is constantly considering and implementing strategic initiatives to foster employee engagement through training, cooperation, and collaboration. In addition to "fun committee events" such as Employee Appreciation Day or other holiday celebrations, Aldridge Pite focuses on holding events that foster and train team members at all levels. These events include a semi-annual Leadership Retreat, "Lunch with Executives," an Airbo communication system, and a StandOut employee engagement tool that provides weekly two-way communication "check-ins" between supervisors and employees. The firm also also hosts learning games such as a recent virtual "AP Scavenger Hunt" where employees can win prizes. The firm has a strong focus on developing a culture that mirrors its organizational values that has resulted in a majority of the workforce having tenure of five or more years. HEADQUARTERS: Plantation, FL; 954.564.0071; Roy Diaz, Managing Shareholder Adam Diaz, Partner Keli Heisey, Operations Director Diaz Anselmo Lindberg, P.A. LEGAL Diaz Anselmo Lindberg, P.A., is a certified minority-owned Martindale Hubbell Preeminent A-V rated firm providing legal services to the banking and mortgage industry, with an emphasis in Judicial State practice, for over 28 years. DAL practices in Florida, Illinois, Ohio, Indiana, Wisconsin, Kentucky, and Michigan and concentrates in creditors' rights, foreclosure, bankruptcy, litigation, and real estate. The firm's attorneys have a diverse mix of personal, professional, and educational experience. The firm's diversification, compassion, and experience support dispute resolution from a broader, more comprehensive perspective. STAFFING STATS YEAR ESTABLISHED: 1992 EMPLOYEES: 105 ADDITIONAL OFFICES: Covington, KY; Indianapolis, IN; Milford, OH; Naperville, IL TESTIMONIAL "I have worked for the firm for over 10 years and working here is a pleasure. The Directors and the Managing Shareholder care about their employees equally." GIVING BACK Feeding Families; Habitat for Humanity; Toys for Tots PRAISE CORNER Certificate of Appreciation, Toys for Tots; The Fund President's Circle; USFN's Award of Excellence BENEFITS AND PERKS DAL takes career path and growth opportunities seriously. The firm's infrastructure is made up of several levels, with each segment providing mentoring to its reporting group. Employees are recognized through leadership and co-employee nomination. Awards range from certificates of achievement to financial bonuses, based on the contribution. In addition to healthcare benefits and 401(k), the firm offers work-from-home options and a robust PTO program. 75% Percentage of employees are women 35% of which are minorities 36% of the firm is made up of minorities overall, including the Managing Shareholder 62% Percentage of employees who are women 39% Percentage of employees who are minorities

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