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M R EP O RT | 9 FROM THE SOURCE TWEET THIS: #NoPlaceLikeHome Contrary to news reports of urban dwellers fleeing the cities for suburban living, a new LendingTree study found that only 2.18% of homeowners relocated from metropolitan areas to smaller towns in 2020, a scant uptick from the 1.91% recorded in 2019. For some added perspective, 84.06% of people who sold a home and relocated in 2020 stayed in the same city, while only 15.94% packed up and went to another locality. ≤ WATCH THIS: UCLA Anderson on YouTube UCLA Anderson School of Management produces this online video channel with a mix of webinars, lectures and interviews covering a diverse wealth of subjects including the U.S. economy and its global counterparts, technology trends, human resources issues and the pivots required to stay in business during the pandemic. ( READ THIS: ≥ Collaborate as If Your Life Depends on It: A Guide to Working Together to Be Better Together By Doug Crawley According to retired Air Force Captain and Vietnam War veteran- turned-human resources executive Doug Crawley, a business cannot succeed when its individual members insist on a "me first" or "go it alone" attitude rather than working together on common ground for a shared goal. Crawley observes that generic team-building exercises are inadequate for establishing a culture of working together as a cohesive unit, and his book details his Five C's of collaboration—commitment, clarity, confidence, caution, and courage—for uniting disparate person- alities into a single-focused entity. Crawley's book includes strategies on how a strong team-focused company can solve problems faster, improve customer experiences and encourage innovative thinking. SHARE THIS: Wondershare Filmii Wondershare Technology is now offering a video editing software for those seeking to incorporate video into their social media and online market but have no previous training in this medium. The user-friendly Wondershare Filmii includes creative modes with multiple genres and themes, an advanced editing mode that includes a full video editor with a timeline, customizable properties that allow the user to edit freely through opacity, saturation, rotation and tint, and an effects library with more than 1,000 resources including audio, filters, motion elements, titles, and transitions. Wondershare Filmii is compatible with Windows 10, Windows 8, and Windows 7.

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