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M R EP O RT | 7 MTECH Social will allow Loan Officers to create compelling, personal landing pages that give consumers detailed information on lending services, integrate with social media lead generation campaigns, and funnel new leads into the Total Expert platform. The BankingBridge integration allows lenders to easily embed lending and rate calculators into landing pages and profiles to further cus- tomize the consumer experience and encourage action. Additionally, Zapier will allow financial institutions to connect Total Expert to more than 4,000 third-party software platforms that are generating potential leads and consumer insights. It is now possible to automate the move- ment of lead data from existing sources such as Zillow, Google, LendingTree, and more, directly into Total Expert, giving Loan Officers a singular database of potential new customers to target with automated, personalized campaigns. "To compete today, financial institutions must go beyond transactional banking and lend- ing, and build comprehensive customer profiles to power more relevant customer communica- tions," said Joe Welu, Founder and CEO of Total Expert. "With the exceptional new integrations and capabilities included in our latest release, we're providing customers with the data, insights, and intelligent automation they need to understand behaviors and preferences and deliver the perfect customer journey." Sales in a Snap LOWER.COM'S NEW OFFERING AIDS IN SALES OF HOMES M ultichannel fintech has added HomePass Valuation to ease the stress of selling a home. The tool, part of the HomePass Move First program, provides homeowners with an instant offer on their home, and allows them to skip showings. "We're reducing the pain points for homeowners and giving them an experience filled with cer- tainty," Co-Founder and CEO Dan Snyder said. "You'll know exactly how much your home will sell for and be able to move without worrying about getting your current house ready to list. We're lowering the stress across the entire transaction to get you into your dream house faster." Homeowners will also be able to offer cash for their next home through HomePass Valuation. After accessing the valuation tool, they'll have an instant equity amount and be pre-approved for a mortgage, so they know what they can afford to buy. Once they find a home, they'll be able to make an all-cash non-contingent offer and win the deal while financing with behind the scenes. Once they move, their old home will be prepped and listed for sale. HomePass is cur- rently available in select markets with plans to expand throughout 2022. Pricing at Your Fingertips OPTIMAL BLUE OFFERING PROVIDES IMMEDIATE AND ACCURATE QUOTES O ptimal Blue, a division of Black Knight, has launched Quick Quote, a new capability available in the company's cloud-based Loansift- er product, pricing and eligibil- ity (PPE) engine for Mortgage Brokers. Quick Quote enables brokers to make accurate quote offers for products and scenarios available to consumers at their immediate point of need. Cus- tomers and prospects can access on-demand pricing on a Broker's corporate website. Designed specifically for Mortgage Brokers, the Loansifter PPE supports best execution searches across more than 120 wholesale investors, allowing lead- ing brokers to stay competitive and confidently execute profitable lending strategies. Brokers can subscribe to both the Loansifter PPE and the Quick Quote module in a matter of minutes, enabling access to the most up- to-date rates via an immediate, self-service subscription model. "Today, nearly all customers begin the mortgage shopping process online, and they've come to expect instant, accurate and consistent information," said Scott Happ, President of Optimal Blue, a division of Black Knight. "If personalized pricing quotes aren't

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