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April 2023 » 7 April 2023 M T E C H KEEPING AHEAD OF DISASTER E arthvisionz has announced the launch of several new visualization tools to help disaster recovery profes- sionals do their job with a higher degree of awareness during severe weather events. V-Alert mapping and threat tracking soft- ware aids in visualizing time-sensitive flood- ing and precipitation data to help operations managers task teams for flood control and water damage repairs. With a push of a but- ton, operations managers can capture a map view of any approaching threat and share the analyzed data with decision-makers in real time. Post-disaster damage can be remotely analyzed with satellite imagery overlays of before and after views for insurance adjusters and restorers before they get on site. Earthvisionz's Field Team Tracker helps OMs keep in constant communication with their technicians who are moving equip- ment onto job sites and setting up mobile command centers. This real-time commu- nications system also helps restorers share mission-critical information with their asset management customers and insurance part- ners during any critical event. Earthvisionz has also announced its new website that features industries such as restoration recovery, property claims and insurance, lender services, mortgage banking, and smart cities. Earthvisionz also offers resources, including guides on how to prepare and survive hurricanes and wildfires with respective white-page reports. TAVANT LAUNCHES NEW PROPTECH 3.0 OFFERING T avant, a Silicon Valley-based provider of custom AI-powered solutions, has launched its latest phase in Real Estate Technology, Proptech 3.0. This phase in Tavant's Proptech evolution introduces innovation to the real estate industry by de- livering end-to-end solutions and connected AI-powered analytics that optimizes the ecosystem for all parties involved. Tavant's knowledge base enables its partners to unlock the full potential of their data, while achieving impact and quality at every stage of the data monetization journey. Tavant's experience enables scaling start-ups and industry leaders to entrust the digital transformation of its adjacent business units to increase flexibility and efficiency, resulting in a more complete and overall competitive business in the current environment. While the past 12 months were that of durability for the Proptech sector, Tavant's Touchless Lending automation solution enabled 9,656 homeownership dreams daily, underwrote more than 80,000 loans, and increased revenue by 250% from the previous year on customer growth of 200%. "Tavant's mission is to empower the Real Estate ecosystem with problem-solving solutions that enhance processes and create and support progress," said Brad Sivert, Head of Proptech at Tavant. "AI has the ability to drastically improve the real estate industry, and bring about unprecedented efficiencies. Our AI expertise has enabled us to deliver never-before-seen technology solutions that streamline processes, improve accuracy, en- hance the overall customer experience, and more for over two decades." ENHANCING CLIENT VALUE B lack Knight Inc. has announced the launch of its new Developer Portal—a one-stop storefront where clients, third-party providers, and their developers will have access to the company's catalog of application program interfaces (APIs) across the mortgage life cycle. APIs expose business functionality and client data that are neatly packaged into reusable services that follow industry standard protocols and conventions to allow ease of integration. Clients can use Black Knight's APIs to rapidly embed additional functionality within their applications, which can help drive intuitive and frictionless experiences in their user journeys. The Developer Portal provides a central repository of documentation detailing the application connections Black Knight offers. This catalog of APIs includes web APIs, web services, webhooks, and other integration tools. The Developer Portal also contains a self-service interface where clients can search for and browse API specifications, product overviews, implementation documentation, user guides, and more. "Staying at the forefront of technology is a commitment we make to our clients," said James Iredale, Chief Information Technology Officer for Black Knight. "We are focused on continual innovation and delivering with a sense of urgency to help our clients stay ahead of changing market dynamics. The Developer Portal is a further demonstration of our commitment to helping our clients drive growth and perform business processes with greater ease and efficiency." By providing easy, self-service access to the API catalog and all necessary tooling, the Developer Portal allows clients to innovate further by rapidly integrating their applications and data to help achieve desired business outcomes. While the Developer Portal currently contains API documentation related to Black Knight's servicing technologies, this information is actively being expanded to include APIs across the mortgage life cycle.

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