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MortgagePoint » Your Trusted Source for Mortgage Banking and Servicing News 8 April 2023 G O O D R E A D S EXPAND YOUR SKILLS, GAIN INSIGHT, AND GET INSPIRED WITH THESE TOP PICKS Tax Liens and Deeds Investment: How to Get a Return of Up to 36% on Your Money Without the Typical Stock Market Uncertainty or Real Estate Investment Risk Brokering Billions: Secrets of the Nation's Top Real Estate Agents Selling Real Estate at Auction: The Key to Scaling Your Business and Skyrocketing Your Income as a Real Estate Agent Outlier Investors: What Successful Investors Do (That Everyone Else Doesn't) b y G R A H M S M I T H If you want to learn how the tax lien certificate investment process works to create an additional real estate revenue stream, this highly praised book teaches you the whats, whys, and hows of liens and how to navigate this space in a profitable manner. This beginner's guide is an indispensable tome for someone trying to learn and break into the market, so one can confidently attend auctions and invest appropriately while also laying out the good, bad, and ugly truths and pitfalls to avoid. b y B O N N E A U A N L S E Y Author Bonneau Ansley was recently named the top real estate broker in the South by the Wall Street Journal—a feat that should not be taken lightly since he only started in 2009. Now leading a firm of over 400 agents, he shares the simple systems and processes any agent can use to sell more real estate than they ever dreamed was possible. The book not only gives practical examples that agents can use today but also shows how agents can be more effective with what they already do. b y G I A C O M O S I N I S G A L L I If you're a real estate agent and want to scale your business up, auctions are a sure-fire way to find, list, and sell more properties, close deals faster, and bump up your commission rates. Filled with practical advice, this book by author Giacomo Sinisgalli draws on his 30 years of experience in the auction space and provides tips and strategies to successfully break into the auction market. This book is for those who want to sell probate property at auction, flip real estate deals, and the steps you need to take to become a CREA-certified real estate auctioneer. b y DA N I A L J I WA N I Laying out a novel perspective on investing, Outlier Investors shares the author's investment principles for outperforming the stock market based on Warren Buffett's explanations of why he invests in certain stocks. Answering many questions through personal anecdotes, this book also answers questions one may have not thought to ask while also explaining why some investors are very successful and why others fail. As the title reflects, you need to invest like an outlier to get outlier results.

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