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June 2023 » 35 June 2023 C O V E R F E A T U R E Morin: One of the main challenges for borrowers from underrepresented groups in the mortgage industry is a lack of access to financial resources, which can impact their ability to purchase or restructure their current loans. This can be due to systemic barriers such as discriminatory lending practices, as well as a lack of awareness or support for alternative financing options. As it relates to people in the industry, when underrepresented individuals can secure a job within the mortgage industry, they may face barriers to advancement due to unequal promotion opportunities or lack of representation in leadership roles. In my opinion, this is due to a lack of mentorship or professional development opportunities. Some individuals from underrepresented groups may not be aware of the career opportunities available in the mortgage industry, or they may not have access to the resources needed to pursue these opportunities. This industry awareness leads to a lack of diversity, as well as a missed opportunity to bring in new talent. Finally, some individuals and organizations may be resistant to change, which can make it difficult to implement DEI initiatives. This can be due to a lack of understanding of the benefits of diversity, fear of change, or a belief that the status quo is sufficient. Q: What does your internal D&I/ DEI strategy look like, and how are you working to implement it? What have you learned from past initiatives in this area, and how did that change your strategy? Anderson: D&I is embedded in the way we think about internal and external initiatives, strategies, and business decisions and is constantly evolving and improving. Our D&I Strategic Plan requires significant collaboration and leadership support to accomplish our goals—including our Management Committee and Board of Directors. Leadership is critical to setting the tone for DE priorities, with a firm focus on measurement, transparency, and accountability. Fannie Mae employees deeply care about D&I and want to be part of and understand our strategies, processes, and solutions, which is why we prioritize buy-in and engagement at all levels of the company. These efforts are sup- ported by our officer-level Diversity Advisory Council, which includes representatives across the company who provide ongoing feedback and support for the alignment and execution of our D&I Strategic Plan. In many ways, the COVID-19 pandemic brought to the forefront how important it is for companies to create an inclusive culture and a feeling of belonging to fully support their workforce. As a result, we've focused on empa- thy and psychological safety, which are critical to employee retention, engagement, inclusion, and high-performing teams. From a workforce perspective, we are incorporating a D&I lens into all stages of our talent lifecycle, including talent attraction, performance management, and succession planning. We are proud of the diversity across our Management Committee, the highest-level management committee at Fannie Mae. Barkley: Advancing racial equality and economic opportunity is fundamental to how we run our company, support our teammates, and deliver for our clients. It spans the company, including our $15 billion commitment to helping 60,000 individuals and families purchase an affordable home and providing 100,000 women entrepreneurs Meet Jose Morin, VP, Servicing, Brace Jose Morin is a seasoned mortgage servicing professional currently serving as VP of Servicing at Brace. In this capacity, he plays a pivotal role in supporting the Product Discovery team by improving their understanding of the mortgage servicing ecosystem, ideating innovative solutions to address its pain points, and ensuring the delivery of high-quality features that conform to all necessary regulations. Committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion, Morin has a proven track record of promoting a workplace culture that values and respects individual differences. Before joining Brace, he demonstrated his expertise in leading multiple mortgage default teams during the Great Recession, growth in businesses, and the COVID-19 pandemic while working at two of the industry's largest banks/subservicers. His professional background includes a diverse range of experience, including loss mitigation, default contact center operations, default reporting, foreclosure, and bankruptcy. Throughout his career, Morin has been passionate about building human-driven processes and leveraging cutting-edge technology solutions to optimize performance and exceed industry expectations. He understands the importance of creating an inclusive workplace that values diversity and empowers all employees to contribute to the organization's success. Why He Is Committed to DEI and AMDC As a second-generation Latino, I understand the importance of promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion in the mortgage servicing industry. A diverse workforce that is inclusive of all races, genders, and backgrounds can drive innovation, promote better decision- making, and ultimately lead to improved business outcomes. Additionally, promoting equity and inclusion can help address historical disparities in the industry and ensure that all borrowers are treated fairly and given equal access to mortgage products and services. Joining the AMDC is an excellent way for me to demonstrate this commitment and actively work towards creating a more diverse and inclusive industry. AMDC provides a platform for mortgage industry professionals to share best practices, network, and collaborate on initiatives aimed at promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion. By joining AMDC, I and other mortgage servicing professionals can help lead the way toward a more equitable and inclusive industry for all. Meet Toniqua Green, VP, Corporate Social Responsibility, Mr. Cooper Toniqua Green serves as VP of Corporate Social Responsibility for Mr. Cooper Group, overseeing Diversity Equity & Inclusion, Community Outreach & Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) matters. As the leader of Corporate Social Responsibility, she has oversight of community partnerships, outreach efforts, and government sponsored initiatives. She has been with Mr. Cooper for 16 years and began her career in the call center. She has worked in collections, loss mitigation, foreclosure, and compliance before pivoting to

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