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MortgagePoint » Your Trusted Source for Mortgage Banking and Servicing News 36 June 2023 C O V E R F E A T U R E with the opportunity to gain business acumen through the Bank of America Institute for Women's Entrepreneurship at Cornell. Core to our client-driven approach is delivering products and services that meet the diverse needs of our clients and supporting our communities and the issues affecting them. Christensen: Arrive Home was just founded in late 2022, so I am actively working on building our company's DEI and ERG programs. We are focusing on working with diverse talent that can bring a new depth of knowledge and life experience to our teams. We are also committed to increasing homeownership within black and brown communities and have partnered with the National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals (NAHREP) to work together to educate these communities about down payment assistance and special purpose credit programs. Morin: Brace starts with promoting and supporting diversity and inclusion within its workforce and has taken the following steps to develop its strategy. Ongoing assessment of the current state of diversity within the organization. This includes collecting data on the demographic makeup of the workforce, identifying areas where diversity is lacking, and understanding the challenges that underrepresented groups face within the organization and recruitment. As it relates to awareness, Brace includes specific strategies for recruiting and retaining diverse talent, promoting inclusivity and belonging, and providing support for underrepresented groups. These include providing team- building events to build cultural and minority awareness. The executive team supports the engage- ment team's initiatives, which involve a range of activities, such as hosting D&I training sessions for employees, implementing more inclusive hiring practices, providing mentorship and sponsorship opportunities for underrepresented groups, and creating employee resource groups. Finally, Brace communicates its commitment to diversity and inclusion, both internally and externally, by celebrating the contributions of employ- ees from diverse backgrounds and participat- ing in important industry groups (i.e., the American Mortgage Diversity Council). Q: How has your DEI/D&I approach positively influenced your business strategy? Anderson: Fannie Mae employees are dedicated to advancing D&I, both within our company and throughout the housing industry. They are motivated by our mission to advance equitable and sustainable access to homeownership and quality, affordable rental housing for millions of people across America. Our employees are working on complex policies, programs, and solutions to advance systemic racial equity within the housing and mortgage markets. Through our growing Lender Diversity Coun- cil (LDC), comprised of minority-owned lenders, we are focused on providing tools, training, and other resources that enable growth and resiliency. We are also focused on leveraging and supporting Special Purpose Credit Programs (SPCPs) as a tool to expand homeownership and the availability of down payment assistance. In 2022, Fannie Mae launched SPCPs in majority-Black census tracts in Atlanta, Baltimore, Chicago, Detroit, Memphis, and Philadelphia. We are excited to leverage our position in the marketplace to partner with others and drive meaningful change. Corporate Social Responsibility, where she uncovered her passion. In her current role, she assists borrowers experiencing financial hardship "to keep the dream of homeownership alive" by partnering with government and community partners on Mortgage Assistance Programs. She holds an M.Ed. from the University of Phoenix in curriculum design and instruction. Why She Is Committed to DEI and AMDC I love that AMDC is helping our industry enhance, embrace, and educate people on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. I am so passionate about DEI because I know we are truly better together. I am honored to be a part of both Mr. Cooper and AMDC-DEI journeys. Meet Victoria Garcia DeLuca, VP, Marketplace Diversity Strategy Victoria Garcia DeLuca is Guild's first VP of Marketplace Diversity Strategy, leading the company's long-term initiatives promoting minority homeownership and sustaining diversity, equity, and inclusion in lending. Her responsibilities include recruiting and retaining minority loan officers, developing new products for minority markets, and serving as a liaison with Government- Sponsored Enterprises such as Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. She leads Guild's participation in the National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals (NAHREP) and the National Association of Minority Mortgage Bankers of America. She also serves on NAHREP's Corporate Board of Governors and represents Guild with the Mortgage Bankers Association's "Home for All Pledge," the industry's long-term commitment to addressing racial inequities in housing. A Chicago native of Mexican and Honduran descent, DeLuca is bilingual, speaking both English and Spanish. She has almost 20 years of experience in the mortgage industry, creating programs for underserved markets in the Midwest and South. She previously served as SVP of Federal Savings Bank, where she led a team supporting homeownership within Hispanic and Black communities. She was also a Sales Manager with Wintrust Mortgage and a Sales Manager and Diverse Segment Specialist with Wells Fargo. Why She Is Committed to DEI and AMDC As someone who is committed to creating a more equitable and inclusive society, I strongly believe that Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion is not just nice to have but is a critical component of any successful organization. In the context of the American mortgage industry, DEI is especially important because it impacts the ability of individuals and families to access safe and affordable housing. I am committed to the American Mortgage Diversity Council because I believe that this organization has the potential to drive meaningful change in the industry. By bringing together leaders from across the industry to share best practices, advocate for policy changes, and promote diversity and inclusion, the council has the potential to make a real impact on the lives of people across the country. Ultimately, my commitment to DEI and AMDC is rooted in my belief that we can and must do better. By working together and prioritizing diversity, equity, and inclusion, we can create a more just and equitable society where everyone has the opportunity to thrive.

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