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from the source The Internet was abuzz about the effect of the government's shutdown on the entire economy—thusly affecting the housing industry. READ THIS "LIKE" THIS SHARE THIS TWEET THIS WATCH THIS 90 Days to Success as a Manager First-time managers should turn to Anthony T. Meola's guide to transitioning to success as a leader. The Bank of America servicing executive offers real-world examples and a fact-based approach to his method in hopes that others will learn from his 30-plus years in the financial services industry. The book goes beyond management theory by matching important principles with on-the-job situations and real-work scenarios. A part of working in the industry is having a full, working knowledge of where consumers are and where they are going. One place they're hanging out virtually is's Facebook page. The page offers tips and suggestions on how Americans can live within their means, especially in terms of managing the bills related to homeownership. Updated frequently, the page is a hub for consumers looking to get—and stay—on track. The NAWRB is a trade association dedicated to promoting and supporting in the real estate industry. They are prolific in terms of providing content and information to its membership, and one key avenue is their blog, which is updated frequently and contains both articles and commentary on the state of the industry. The blog also features insights on how women can balance lives and careers while thriving in the real estate space. Members can keep abreast with the latest from the organization through the blog. @CRLONLINE has a Twitter feed with a wealth of information on best practices for the lending community. It examines the entire lending spectrum but pays particularly close attention to the mortgage lending industry. Ripe with current events and information, the Center for Responsible Lending also re-tweets pertinent information from other credible sources. This feed is a great resource for consumers and industry professionals looking to keep their finger on the pulse of the industry. "Can Jamie Dimon Weather the Storm of Fines and Lawsuits?" Chase has come under fire lately because of the various fines and litigation lobbed at the company, and as the scrutiny intensifies around bank executives, some are calling for Dimon to resign. But is that really the best move, or is the call to action the latest event in the perceived big bank witch hunt? Maria Bartiromo welcomed two journalists on to her show to debate how realistic or beneficial Dimon's possible resignation would be to the bank and the industry. The M Report | 13

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