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ORIGINATION Departments Or ig i nat ion s e r v ic i ng ORIGINATION SERVICING ANALYTICS SECONDARY MARKET what's inside? 34 Home Purchase New Applications Slip Again 34 JPMorgan Chase Names New CIO 35 B ankers Anticipate Increased Demand for Credit 35 Mortgage Rate Hikes Drain 36 W eak Q3 Results Expected for Mortgage Banks 36 Temperatures Cool in Swoop in as Big Banks Relinquish Market Share 43 rasing Compliance E Concerns 43 HUD Releases Proposed QM Definition 44 ortgage Fraud Risk M Down in Q2 44 tearns Appoints S Hottest Markets Wells Fargo Exec to Leadership Post 37 Survey: Half of HARP 44 toneHill Group Expands S Refinances Were Denied Previously 37 Report: One in Seven Markets Fully Recovered 38 CFO, Corporate New Secretary Named at Entitle Direct Group 38 Top-Ranked Originator Joins V.I.P. Mortgage 38 One-Third of Americans Unlikely to Qualify for a Mortgage 39 Title365 Appoints President for Texas Operations 39 RE/MAX Reports Strong Finish for Summer Season 39 Mortgage Announces 360 New Regional Manager Staff 45 QM Credit Crunch 46 meriFirst Implements A LPS' MSP Platform 48 Consumer Optimism Retreats as Government Locks Up Shutdown, but Debt Ceiling Awaits 50 ight Credit Expected to T Cinch Further 50 Market Shifts from Seller Control 51 Fitch Maintains Forecast of Healthy Growth 51 Trends Point to Sustainable Homeownership 52 August Housing Metrics Indicate Slowing Recovery 52 September Sees Expected Declines in Sales, Prices 53 Around the U.S. 46 xios Helps Prepare A 54 Beware of Fake Flippers for Compliance Implementation 54 Rising Rates, Prices Lead Expands Securitization Group 47 arrington Hit the Links C for Charity 47 ortgageDocs M Releases Subcontractor Management Platform Guidance on Borrowers Affected by Shutdown 49 ecovery Continues Despite 56 R Zillow, Bipartisan Policy 46 States See Bank Failures 47 layton Holdings C 56 Freddie Mac Issues to Waning Competition on Housing Market 55 Suffer No More 55 Price Growth Slows Center Discuss Secondary Market Reform 57 FHFA Pushes Forward on Common Securitization Platform se c on da r y m a r k e t Pool of 'Refinancible' Loans 42 Specialty Servicers a na ly t ic s 57 PM Department 58 HARP Questions Tackled by FHFA 59 Agency Touts HARP Effectiveness 59 Community Banks Call for Simplicity in Secondary Market Reform 60 rash Averted—For Now C 62 Corker, Warner: Secondary Market Reform Bill 'Gaining Momentum' 62 Freddie Mac Announces More Repurchase Settlements 62 Exec to Replace Ally Freddie Mac's Departing CFO 63 Citigroup, Freddie Mac Settle on Repurchase Claims 63 OCC Deputy Stressed Importance of Multifaceted Risk Management The M Report | 33

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