Lending in the High Tech Age

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Best in Title Freedman, Anselmo, Lindberg Omega Title Agency Jennifer Hester Serving Illinois 513.515.9917 Shannon Moore Serving Ohio, Kentucky, Florida 330.436.6700 Independence Title Paramount Land Brian Pitman Serving Texas 512.454.4500 Jeffrey Zipser Serving New York 631-224-1345 The Five Star Default Title Coalitionisthefirst industrygroupdedicatedtodefaulttitleandclosing professionalswhospecializeinlender-driven transactionsandpost-acquisitionlegalandtitlework. Througheducation,bestpractices,communication, andnetworking,theCoalitioniscommittedto advancingthedefaulttitlespaceandprovidingits membersacollectivevoiceofinfluencewithinthe mortgageindustry. Kozeny & McCubbin, LC Parks Title/Potestivo & Assoc, PC Accurate Title Group Clear Title America LSR/InTitle Steve Black Serving all 50 states 888.456.4383 x1604 Stephen Dorsett Serving Florida, Alabama, Colorado, Indiana, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, North Carolina, Virginia 813-288-1660 Alliance Title & Escrow Corp Jenny Martin Serving Idaho, Montana, Washington, Wyoming 208.947.4204 Bay National Title Company Evan Grimm Serving Florida, Wisconsin, Colorado, Michigan, New York, Ohio, Missouri, New Jersey, Iowa, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire 727.331.8500 Black McLaren Jones Ryland & Griffee, P.C. Drew Johnston Serving Tennessee, Mississippi 901.762.0535 Brady and Kosofsky Jaime Kosofsky Serving North Carolina, South Carolina 704.849.8008 Elizabeth Wellborn, PA Elizabeth Wellborn Serving Florida, New York 954.354.3544 Federman & Associates Thomas Federman Serving Pennsylvania 215.572.5095 First Financial Title of MN Larry Zielke Serving Minnesota 952-831-5010 First International Title Jim Moran Serving Florida 954.905.3881 First Title and Escrow Stephen Papermaster Serving 38 states, please call for information 301-279-0303 Robert Kahane Serving Florida 954.356.1280 Lowndes Pope Serving South Carolina 803-799-9993 Rubin Lublin Jason Thurber Serving Georgia, Tennessee, Mississippi 770.246.3300 Richard Rothfuss Serving Ohio and Kentucky 513-412-6600 Manley Deas Kochalski Karen Michaels Serving Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois 614.947.5744 Security Title Services Mike Nichols Serving Indiana 317.590.4848 Serrano McKinney Umpierre McCurdy & Candler Frances McKinney Serving Georgia 770.951.2223 Deborah Cheek Serving Florida, Georgia 404-373-1612 McDonnell and Associates, PA Dawn Player Serving South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia 866.931.8793 Sojourner Title Majenica Springer Serving Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, West Virginia 317.844.4039 Terra Abstract Merit Title Hassan Matthews Serving Pennsylvania 215-572-5025 Andrea Laster Serving Wisconsin, Illinois 404.257.0068 The Hunoval Law Firm, PLLC Nova Title Agency John Langston Serving North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia 704.626.4364 John Dyer Serving Ohio 330-425-4201 Ohio Title Corp Title365 Annamarie Tucky Serving Ohio 440.886.6141 Michelle Hymer Serving 42 states, please call for information 763-295-3513 Oklahoma REO Closing & Title Services Vicky Blackmon Serving Oklahoma 918.491.3123 Join the Coalition today. EF H T L Florida Premier Title & Escrow Company Riley Pope & Laney IVE ST A D E FA U David Skarman Serving 38 states, please call for information 949.582.8709 Howard Leach Serving Louisiana, Mississippi 504.885.9222 Jim O'Rourke Serving Pennsylvania 215.625.3660 Jill Rein Serving Illinois 312-476-5156 R California Title Company Delta Title Corporation Liberty Bell Agency, Inc Pierce & Associates, P.C. TIO N Jonathan Sawyer Serving Georgia, Tennessee 813-221-4743 Katie Van Hook Serving Missouri, Kansas, Wisconsin, Nebraska, Arkansas, Colorado, New Mexico, North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, Ohio, Iowa 314.862.2447 Jessica Thorne Serving Alabama, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Maryland, Ohio, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia, South Carolina, North Carolina 404.545.0280 LI Albertelli Law Continental REO Services, Inc Landcastle Title TIT A Josh Magnuson Serving Georgia, Florida, Alabama 678-281-6506 Julie Mckee Serving Michigan, Illinois 248.591.2751 T Affinia Title Colleen Beckett Serving Missouri 314.991.6755 O LE C For more information,contact:Brent Lockhart | 214.525.6709 | THE FIVE STAR Our Proud National Sponsors: Associate Member: DEFAULT TITLE COALITION

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