Mortgage Professionals Should be Optimistic About the Future

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28 | Th e M Rep o RT Special Advertorial Section ProPerty Valuation Guide Company history Founded in 2004 as Atlas REO Services, Atlas Nationwide specializes in the comprehensive management of Real Estate Owned (REO) properties for institutional clients. Since its inception, Atlas Nationwide has managed more than 140,000 properties with a value in excess of $15 billion for such industry-leading clients as Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae, Chase, Bank of America, GMAC/RFC, Citi, and EMC. Business lines, serviCes, and produCts Atlas Nationwide offers a wide variety of customized, national real estate solutions: appraisal management, full-service REO management, closing and title management, broker/buyer/seller referral network, national evictions management, property preservation management, and business intelligence (property management software and business analytics). Valuation products include: residential, multifamily, and review appraisals; and residential broker price opinions (BPOs). The appraisal management services team is dedicated to providing efficient, reliable, and cost-effective valuations services. Competitive advantaGe Our mission is to be anything but business as usual. The Atlas Nationwide appraisal management team has broken the mold of the tired AMC that falls short, delivers inferior products, and places clients at risk. Our commitment to uncompromised quality of products, superior customer service, and our track record of proven success set us apart from our competition. added value to Clients • Full control over your panel of appraisers: Use your trusted appraisers and still maintain appraiser independence compliance because of our technology infrastructure. • Total transparency: Clients use a secure login to see status of every appraisal order, plus receive milestone notification emails so you're always in the loop. • Eliminate delays and frustration: Our extensive quality control checks are run before the report is ever delivered to clients. • Built-in compliance tools: Integrated safeguards for CFPB, OCC, DFA, FHA, GLBA, ECOA, and more. We can even handle electronic delivery of the report to your borrower in compliance with the E-Sign Act. • Full audit trail for protection: In case of audit or exam, you'll have a full audit trail of every appraisal order to prove compliance. • Atlas is at the forefront of appraisal regulatory compliance guidance, including Interagency Appraisal and Evaluation Guidelines, Dodd-Frank, UMDP, USPAP, UCDP, UAD, and federal and state appraisal independence laws. Keys to suCCess Atlas Nationwide has enjoyed long-term success based upon our dedication to our core principles and maintaining a strong company-wide culture. Our strong record of performance can be attributed to our dedication to hiring and training the best possible talent; maintaining clear and consistent processes and a significant investment in developing proprietary systems and analytics. 2015 Goals and strateGies Atlas Nationwide is dedicated to expanding its core base of specialized REO Management services into the national real estate services sector. Leveraging more than 10 years of established business experience combined with the dynamic real estate experience of its management team and a unique corporate culture, Atlas Nationwide is well on its way to becoming an industry leader in a wide variety of real estate services enterprises. industry awards and aCColades Atlas Nationwide has consistently maintained top-level performance for all of our clients. Our performance coupled with our demonstrated ability to manage and connect with vendors across the county earned Atlas Nationwide the Pinnacle Award for Top Outsourcer of the Year in 2012. speCialty, expertise, and quality Control initiatives. Atlas Nationwide has extensive knowledge and experience working with all types of Institutional, private, and GSE clients. We successfully navigated the recent foreclosure crises and emerged as a leader in managing innovative real estate solutions to the mortgage banking industry. Over the past 10 years, we have demonstrated our ability to remain nimble in a rapidly changing environment while maintaining high quality and reducing risk. Our mission is to ensure superior performance and service levels that exceed our clients' expectations by utilizing proprietary management systems and tailoring our process to meeting the individual needs of our clients. key personnel Gregg Buckley Co-Founder, Atlas Nationwide Inc. David Hovley Co-Founder, Atlas Nationwide Inc. Ryan Duncan Senior Vice President Patrick McClain Senior Vice President Brian Devlin Vice President Valuations and Field Services Laura Branca Vice President Closing and Title Services staf f ing 100+ employees contact infor mat ion 215 South Highway 101, Ste. 200 Solana Beach, California 92075 phone: 858.259.8758 email: web: Atlas Nationwide

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