Mortgage Professionals Should be Optimistic About the Future

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Th e M Rep o RT | 33 Special Advertorial Section ProPerty Valuation Guide Stewart Lender Services CORPORATE PROFILE Stewart Lender Services, a subsidiary of Stewart Title Company, is a nationwide provider of centralized origination, loss mitigation, REO asset management solutions, due diligence for capital markets and collateral valuations for mortgage lenders and servicers, investors, community banks, and credit unions. We offer high-quality and regulatory compliant valuation management services. COmPAny hIsTORy Our parent company, Stewart Title Company, has more than 120-year history of success focused in real estate and financial services. Stewart Lender Services, our mortgage services operation and valuation service, was one of the first national appraisal management companies. REguLATORy COmPLIAnCE We have a staff that is focused on regulatory compliance. That focus includes a commitment with extensive financial and human capital investments, knowledge with an emphasis on industry participation and involvement, and customer collaboration with top lenders to emulate the extensive and ever-changing regulatory environments. Compliance is not just understanding what regulations are and setting policies, but making sure that what we deliver is compliant and it's all done in a compliant way. It goes from top to bottom. BusInEss LInEs, sERvICEs, And PROduCTs Stewart Lender Services will successfully service the full life cycle of a loan. • Origination services • Loss mitigation • REO asset management • REO title and settlement services • Licensed appraisals and evaluations • Appraisal reviews for origination and agency QC • Capital markets KEy FEATuREs/BEnEFITs • Stewart Lender Services is an experienced, stable appraisal company with nationwide coverage. We are licensed or registered as an appraisal management company in every state that provides licensing and registration for AMCs. • We use an extensive staff appraiser model combined with a deep, experienced network of appraisers across the country. • Operational excellence includes multistage quality control (QC), focus on exception management, and robust regulatory compliance and governance. • We are customer-focused and we tap into a nationwide network that includes both staff and appraiser resources qualified through our rigorous standards and experts in their local markets. • Our quality control process meets all Fannie Mae guidelines and our processes incorporate best practices in support of Dodd-Frank and inner- agency appraisal and valuation guidelines. • After processing, all reports are reviewed by our multistage QC process using automated engines coupled with manual review of potential exceptions. • We are part of a larger corporation that provides multiple services to lenders. COmPETITIvE AdvAnTAgE • Our longevity separates us from the pack, we've been in business for more than 20 years. We have a knowledgeable and experienced management team. • We utilize a nationwide network that includes both staff and fee appraiser resources, qualified through our rigorous standards and are experts in their local markets. • A diverse and balanced book of business distributed between several market segments including mortgage origination, home equity and loss mitigation default work. • We are truly a national firm, we provide valuation services in all 50 states virtually every day. • We have a robust, combined network of staff and panel of more than 4,200 active appraisers. Most AMCs have less than 3,000. • We have an industry presence on boards and in publications, and we have the financial stability and backing from our parent company. AddEd vALuE TO CLIEnTs We bring specialized compliance personnel, specialized technology, and resources to keep them compliant in a very complicated and changing appraisal compliance environment. Our Chief Appraiser and Compliance Counsel are heavily focused on keeping our clients compliant in that environment. ACCOLAdEs & AWARds • Named to the Forbes Top 100 Most Trustworthy Companies in 2012 and 2014 • Ranked 34th in the Top 100 of the 2010 Information Week 500 • Named to Barron's 400 Index in 2013 key personnel Jim Davis Vice Chairman and EVP Jason Nadeau Group President Bill Sullivan SVP Scott Gillen SVP Frank O'Neill Chief Appraiser, SRA staf f ing Stewart Lender Services has more than 2,000 employees across the mortgage services operation. contact infor mat ion 5300 Brandywine Parkway, Suite 100 Wilmington, Delaware 19803 Email: Web:

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