Mortgage Professionals Should be Optimistic About the Future

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34 | Th e M Rep o RT Special Advertorial Section ProPerty Valuation Guide Summit Valuations CORPORATE PROFILE Summit maintains high ethical standards as demonstrated by our dedication to maintaining strict client confidentiality while sharing our detailed market knowledge to provide the highest quality valuations to our clients. Summit continually updates our technology platform to meet the demands of our clients and facilitate innovation in our business practices. As a result of this partnership, Summit provides clients with a SAE 16, Type II environment designed to meet the toughest security standards required by the Graham Leach Bliley Act. COmPAny hIsTORy Summit was founded in 2007 by seasoned real estate valuations veterans. What they envisioned, and what Summit delivers today is what the company calls the Summit Advantage: high-quality residential and commercial property information delivered quickly to clients in the format they demand at competitive prices. BusInEss LInEs, sERvICEs, And PROduCTs • Full interior BPO • Drive-by BPO • Appraisals • Due diligence • Desktop review • Custom solutions • Inspections • Evaluation KEy FEATuREs/BEnEFITs • Attention to detail in every step of the valuations process. • Multi-layered quality assurance customized to meet client requirements. • Highly trained quality assurance specialists led by our expert chief appraiser. • Regular review meetings between Summit's quality assurance team and clients to continually adapt to market conditions. • Fast turnaround time on all orders. • Personalized customer service. COmPETITIvE AdvAnTAGE While many other providers might tout their technological capabilities, Summit's approach brings a human touch: people backed by systems rather than the other way around. By instituting a human review of all reports, we're able to avoid some of the limitations inherent in system-driven reviews and provide the "story" behind each property's value. There's also our tight focus on quality control: Up to 60 percent of reports are kicked back before ever being presented to clients, ensuring the vendor is still engaged and ready to deal with any concerns that could come up. This process provides our client with a high quality report from the outset. AddEd vALuE TO CLIEnTs Each new client meeting begins with a comprehensive discovery process designed to pinpoint their specific needs and concerns. The result of that process is that we're better equipped to tailor instructions to vendors and address those needs. Another aspect of Summit's service that clients comment on is the layout of its reports, which are designed to flow for easier understanding aoffering more data and detail. KEys TO suCCEss As a company, Summit's greatest strength lies in its flexibility. In an industry where regulations and processes are rapidly changing, Summit is able to be more fluid in its approach to new ideas than other firms that are more set in their ways. Thanks to that quality—and the value the company places on its people—Summit is poised to see major growth in the next year as it welcomes a number of new clients into the fold. key personnel Ron Ahlensdorf, Jr. President Connie Tripple Vice President, Operations Randy Gregorek Business Development Manager contact infor mat ion 5940 West Touhy Avenue Suite 310 Niles, Illinois 60714 Email: Phone: 847.716.5435 Web:

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