Mortgage Professionals Should be Optimistic About the Future

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Th e M Rep o RT | 35 Special Advertorial Section ProPerty Valuation Guide Company desCription U.S. Real Estate Services (USRES) provides an ar- ray of management solutions for real estate assets and is a nationally licensed appraisal management company (AMC) offering default, refinance, and origination valuation services. USRES applies a hybrid approach that combines technology and the expertise of industry professionals, completing re- quests through its nationwide network of more than 20,000 licensed, vetted appraisers and real estate professionals. As a BPO provider, USRES utilizes an in-house staff of licensed appraisers that audit every BPO for content and accuracy. REO disposition ser- vices encompass everything from listing agent refer- ral to closing, including procurement, pre-marketing and marketing, occupied management, compliance, closing, and loss prevention. Company history USRES was founded in 1991, and throughout this time, the company has been critical to the industry, helping mortgage servicers and investors valu- ate foreclosed assets and liquidate REO inventory. USRES has consistently proved successful in delivering management solutions for servicers and in 2003 launched its wholly owned subsidiary, RES. NET. This cloud-based platform creates transparen- cy and promotes efficiencies for all parties involved in any real estate transaction. Its unique portals, designed for specific participants of a transaction, currently serve more than 200,000 companies and professionals, including agents, brokers, buy- ers, investors, title and escrow offices, banks, and servicers. regulatory ComplianCe USRES has been in business for more than 20 years, which would not have been possible without a close pulse on regulatory changes over the years. Never before has the legislative environment impacted its customers as it does today, and USRES employs regulatory compliance experts to proactively adapt services and technology and help assure that a cus- tomer's business processes are compliant and se- cure, while identifying ways to improve efficiencies. USRES adheres to all Service Level Agreements, USPAP, HUD, GSE, and other changing guidelines. Business lines, serviCes, and produCts USRES is a nationwide AMC, conducting a variety of default, refinance, and origination valuation services including appraisals, BPOs, and rental surveys. For ultimate quality, USRES leverages a combination of technology and professional expertise. The com- pany is also a full-service REO disposition provider, handling HOA management, property tax coordina- tion, procurement, pre-marketing and marketing, oc- cupied management, evictions, compliance, closing, and loss prevention. Competitive advantage USRES's longevity sets it apart from other com- panies. Over the years, they have expanded and adapted their services to meet the changing needs of their customers and the industry as a whole. Their use of a hybrid approach to valuations is unique—by combining the power of technology and automation with the careful eye and knowledge of top industry experts, they are able to emphasize quality while maintaining strict turn times. USRES' proprietary software, initially used internally by the company, also sets it apart. The RES.NET platform empowers all parties around a real estate transaction to uphold timelines according to both regulatory compliance and their own business standards. added value to Clients USRES has the highest standard possible for turnaround times and accurate values. They provide customers with real-world solutions, creating a strategy based on their individual business challenges and unique portfolios. In addition to providing quality REO disposition and valuation services, USRES clients also benefit from the availability of the company's proprietary software, RES.NET. They receive a tool for transparent communication around every transaction and as a result, gain efficiency and improve compliance. The software ensures USRES assigns orders-based turn time, distance, and quality. Through the company's on-site auditors and relationship with Platinum Data, they are also able to apply a thorough, balancing approach to the auditing process. Keys to suCCess USRES' dedicated team is the key to their long-term success. The members of their executive team have deep experience and are true industry experts. At every level, USRES' staff is committed to the highest possible standard for customer service. They have established dedicated business units for each of their products, and the customer service team con- sistently has a first-call resolution rate of 95 percent. They also attribute more than 20 years of success to the development of strong relationships with busi- ness partners, which have enabled them to continue their commitment to service. key personnel Keith Guenther Founder/CEO Michael Bull CFO Angela Hurst SVP, Business Development Rida Sharaf SVP, Real Estate Operations Brad Froelich Chief Appraiser staf f ing 85 employees contact infor mat ion 25520 Commercecentre Dr., 2nd Floor, Lake Forest, California 92630 phone: 949.206.5371 email: Web: U.S. Real Estate Services (USRES)

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