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10 | Th e M Rep o RT Clayton Holdings Acquires Red Bell Real Estate With the Red Bell acquisition, clayton BRings a neW line of valuation pRoducts into its offeRings. R eal estate and mortgage industry services provider Clayton Holdings announced the acquisition of Salt Lake City, Utah-based Red Bell Real Estate and its sister company, Main Street Valuation. Red Bell's offerings include leading-edge valuation products to investors, lenders, and loan servicers, such as automated valuation models and broker price opinions. Red Bell is also a provider of advanced technolo- gies that help investors monitor the performance of loans and loss mitigation activity, acquire and track non-performing loans, and value and sell REO properties through a secure platform. "Red Bell has done a great job of delivering technology-based solutions that allow its clients to remain competitive within an ever-changing landscape. This acquisition significantly enhances the array of sophisticated solu- tions that we can offer to our respective clients," said Joe D'Urso, Clayton's president. "Red Bell is an important step in our strategic road map, and will serve as the on the web Mortgage Consumers and Professionals Alike Benefit from New and Improved Digital Tools From enhanced valuations to deposit and asset verifications, the mortgage industry continues to leverage new tools to streamline and perfect its processes, while consumers benefit from new easily-accessible online tools. platform and the foundation for new initiatives within the broader real estate market." According to the announcement from Clayton, the Red Bell brand will continue and the company's co-founder, Jeffrey Jonas, and his senior management team will remain in Salt Lake City. "We are excited to join a world-class organization like Clayton that is committed to the real estate and mortgage markets, and is willing to expand our real estate operations and work to develop game- changing innovations," Jonas said. Clayton, headquartered in Shelton, Conn., provides information and services financial institutions, investors, and government entities use to evaluate, acquire, securitize, service, and monitor loans and asset-backed securities. Clayton's offerings include risk-based analytics, residential and commercial loan due diligence, consulting, surveillance, and staffing solutions. Wells Fargo Accepts FormFree Holdings' AccountChek Asset Report fReefoRm offeRs the fiRst veRification of deposits and assets solution, and the pRoduct is Being emBRaced By seveRal laRge fiRms. W ells Fargo report- edly announced in a company bulletin the acceptance of FormFree Hold- ings Corporation's AccountChek Asset Report for all types of correspondent delivery. "We are delighted to receive official acceptance and be named in Wells Fargo's recent Newsflash publication. AccountChek is leading the charge in third-party asset verifications with our patented solution," said Brent Chandler, CEO of FormFree, a leading provider of automated verification services for the lending industry. This announcement is the latest in a series of investor approv- als, including approvals from

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