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Th e M Rep o RT | 59 O r i g i nat i O n s e r v i c i n g a na ly t i c s s e c O n da r y m a r k e t ANALYTICS Department local eDition ANALYTICS new york tops list of Housing markets with most self- directed sales Online sales have dOubled in the past 10 years. NEW YORK // New York tops the list of real estate markets where consumers sold their homes on their own, according to data released by Owners. com in March. ranked the top 20 markets where consumers sold their homes using a self-directed, flat-fee, multiple listing service (MLS) model in 2014. Also high on the list were Chicago; Tampa-St. Petersburg-Sarasota, Fl.; Dallas- Ft. Worth; and Philadelphia. Self-directed real estate allows individuals to sell and buy homes without using a real estate agent. According to Owners. com, self-directed real estate appeals to consumers for several reasons, including transparency, accessibility, and saving money. VP of Eric Eckardt said self-directed sales put power back into the hands of consumers. "Over the last few years con- sumers have been empowered by this. Ten years ago you would visit a real estate agent and they would show you all the listing in their catalog," he said. "Now, you can look online and find all those listing on your own." Eckardt said the number of consumers using online sales has doubled in the last 10 years. Of the 5 million homes sold in 2014, about 30 percent were sold in self-directed sales. According to research, 2014 was a high growth year for these sales. Sellers saved an average of $9,500 on commissions by selling their homes on sites like theirs. "Real estate had not changed for nearly 100 years, but technol- ogy has helped remove many of the barriers in the industry. Today, consumers can finally conduct their own research, make informed decisions and ultimately buy and sell homes with substantially lower transac- tion costs," said Steve Udelson, president of in a press release. "Empowered con- sumers are leveraging technology to take control and save time and money in the process." The 20-city ranking for self- directed sales along with average list price are as follows: • New York—$496,576 • Chicago—$307,755 • Tampa-St.—Petersburg- Sarasota, Florida—$225,717 • Dallas-Ft. Worth—$255,414 • Philadelphia—$272,961 • Atlanta—$279,379 • Detroit—$257,314 • Cleveland—$208,669 • Phoenix—$261,978 • Washington, D.C.—$454,240 • Orlando-Daytona Beach- Melbourne, Florida—$231,449 • Miami-Ft. Lauderdale—$356,177 • St. Louis—$209,561 • Denver—$368,783 • Kansas City—$201,111 • Boston—$441,130 • Los Angeles—$499,030 • Nashville—$246,428 • Greenville—Spartanburg-Asheville, North Carolina—$240,473 • Charlotte, North Carolina —$226,092

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