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8 | Th e M Rep o RT 706 703 702 699 699 Mankato, Minnesota It may be chilly in Minnesota, but consumer credit scores are enough to warm the hearts of potential lenders look- ing for creditworthiness as one factor dictating the quality of mortgage applicants in a particular market. This Minnesota city ranks highest in the nation with an average consumer VantageScore of 706. RochesteR, Minnesota Rochester, Minn. also ranks top in consumer safety with an average consumer VantageScore credit score of 703. Average consumer debt in Rochester remained relatively safe at $28,496 per consumer. Minneapolis, Minnesota There must be something in the water. Minnesota takes another spot on the list, with Minneapolis ranking third with an average consumer credit score of 702. Consumer debt in this Minnesota city also lingers at a modest $28,529 per consumer. Wausau, Wisconsin With an average debt level of $25,487 per consumer and a VantageScore of 699, Wausau, Wisconsin, takes the fourth spot on the list. FaRgo, noRth Dakota Fifth on the list is Fargo, ND, where consumers boast of an average VantageScore of 699. The average debt level is a bit higher in Fargo, coming in at $29,023. Five Markets with the best consuMer credit scores Experian's Fifth Annual State of Credit survey ranked the following five markets as creditworthy after studying VantageScore credit scores and existing debt levels in these communities. Giving Credit Where It's Due MDWell

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