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32 | TH E M R EP O RT CORPORATE PROFILE APIA is an investor friendly insurance company based near San Antonio, Texas. Founded in 2001, APIA began by offering coverage on vacant and distressed properties only to financial institutions. After several years and upon realizing that the coverage is identical, service was expanded to include the investment property market as well. APIA's mission is to build strong relationships with clients by providing exceptional customer service, competitive pricing, promptness in delivering important documents as well as responding to questions and concerns, and flexibility to meet the unique demands of both investors and financial institutions. BUSINESS LINES, SERVICES, AND PRODUCTS APIA specializes in assisting financial institutions and agents in navigating the many insurance options available. APIA's insurance program began 15 years ago with lender placed insurance and coverage for financial institutions' REO portfolios. APIA policies are all risk* and cover losses for secured REO properties caused by vandalism, malicious mischief, and theft** No matter the number or location of your properties, all properties can be covered under one blanket policy. COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE Dedicated to Excellent Service APIA has over 175 combined years' experience and focuses only on lender placed, REO, vacant property and rental property coverages. As a client of APIA, you will be treated as a member of the family. Nothing will ever come as a surprise, and consistently exceptional and honest service can be expected from the APIA staff. Knowledge is Power Everyone needs insurance. Whether you are in need of lender placed or REO insurance coverage, the staff at APIA believes that it is imperative for you to have thorough knowledge of your policy. The personnel at APIA are sure to share their extensive knowledge with clients to guarantee that their clients are made aware of the coverage included in their policy, but more importantly, the coverage that their policy excludes. ADDED VALUE TO CLIENTS APIA strives to see things from its clients' perspectives and get a clear understanding of exactly what is needed to ensure absolute satisfaction. * Subject to certain exclusions. ** Property must be secured and inspected monthly. CLIENT TESTIMONIALS "My company has been insured with APIA since 2007. The insurance coverage they provide is phenomenal, but what really makes the difference is the service. Gloria and her team are truly wonderful. They treat me like family and have been such a blessing providing both the insurance coverage and great service I have needed to grow my business with peace of mind." —Ted Snyder "Our agency has multiple clients placed through Asset Protection Insurance Agency's "Investment Insurance" program. We could not be more pleased with the design of the program or it's administration by APIA. Our clients are highly impressed with the coverages provided, the ease of doing business and the extremely prompt service that they receive on policy changes, certificates of insurance, etc. I would not hesitate to recommend APIA to any agency seeking a viable home for their "house flipper" clients." —John Liberty, Cushman Insurance Agency "I have been using Asset Protection Insurance for five years now, and can confidently report that it became my favorite company to use. The product selection and coverages are very straight forward. The quoting process is to the point—no unnecessary or useless questions, no 10 pages applications to fill out to get another 10 pages supplemental application. Application process takes less then 10 minutes. And, best of all, I get the response with the final quote within couple days, or even sooner. It takes one email with the signed application to bind the policy, and that's it! The change making/updating process is very convenient also; can't do any better than once a month reporting. But best of all is the customer service and support–no matter what kind of question you have, it will be answered promptly and thoroughly. So, overall, I can't voice enough how happy I am with my experience! —Natasha, Agent, Midwest Insurance KEY PERSONNEL Gloria Kelley Evelyn Jones Tracie Bittle CONTACT INFORMATION Tracie Bittle Phone: 877.752.2742 Web: PO Box 596 Castroville, TX 78009 Phone: 877.752.2742 Web: Special Advertorial Section INSURANCE COMPANY GUIDE

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