February 2016 - The Industry's Best Kept Secret

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TH E M R EP O RT | 37 Special Advertorial Section INSURANCE COMPANY GUIDE KEY PERSONNEL Pat Sinks President & CEO Jay Hughes SVP-Sales & Business Development Sal Miosi SVP-Business Strategy & Operations Margaret Crowley VP-Marketing & Customer Experience CONTACT INFORMATION Web: CORPORATE PROFILE In 1957, MGIC founded the modern private mort- gage insurance industry to help families achieve homeownership sooner by making affordable, low- down-payment mortgages a reality. MGIC serves lenders throughout the United States, Puerto Rico, and other locations. COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE MGIC founded today's private mortgage insurance industry based on a single idea: a faster, simpler, better way to turn people into homeowners while protecting lenders and investors. Fifty-nine years later, MGIC's pioneer spirit continues to drive the company to find new, better ways to make mort - gage lending easier. Its strength comes from its history, leadership, and commitment to providing quality products and a superior customer experience. ADDED VALUE TO BUSINESS PARTNERS MGIC's ability to continue to blend fresh ideas with its invaluable, expansive experience keeps the com- pany and you, the customer, moving forward. MGIC offers relevant, innovative programs, including: MGIC Go! The company's streamlined MI program is the fastest, simplest way to get MI with DU ® or LP ® , allowing: • 100 percent gift funds used toward the down payment • Credit scores as low as 620 • 97 percent LTV loans For DU Approve/Eligible and LP Accept/Eligible loans and Approve or Accept loans that receive an Ineligible AUS response due to LTV or loan type, just follow Findings/Feedback for: • Documentation • Tradelines, credit history • Borrower contribution, including gift funds • Reserves • Other criteria • Fair, Transparent Rates MGIC's rates are published, accessible, and easy to explain to borrowers and regulators. What you see is what you get. MGIC doesn't differentiate rates based on: • Whether borrowers have one income or two • Whether they're self-employed • Whether they're purchasing a condo • Whether they have a certain DTI, or live in a certain ZIP Code, city, or state Evaluating the Self-Employed Borrower Program/Cash Flow Worksheet Each year, MGIC trains thousands of mortgage professionals on the finer points of analyzing self- employed borrower cash flow and other sources of income. The company's robust cash flow work - sheets have become industry standards. PinPoint Direct Marketing PinPoint offers a whole new way to retain custom- ers, find new ones, and build referral relationships. Unlike similar programs, PinPoint zeroes in on the target, identifying people who are in the market for a mortgage at the moment or who will be in the near future. With PinPoint, you can focus your ef - forts on relevant leads and avoid wasting market- ing dollars on people who don't need a mortgage. Real Estate Agent Referral Resources MGIC is dedicated to helping you originate more loans. If your business plan includes reaching out to agents, MGIC can help with the industry's best tools: • Putting the Pieces Together: PTPT is a five-part educational series you deliver to real estate agents through brief meetings to walk them through all aspects of the mortgage industry. • Co-branded materials: Add your logo and con - tact info to professionally designed flyers and infographics that will keep you top-of-mind with your real estate referral partners. • Homebuyer Education Kit: This all-inclusive package gives you everything you need to work with agents and expand your first-time home - buyer business. Social Media Strategies MGIC can help you optimize your social media ef- forts with training help, including: • LinkedIn must haves for every successful loan officer • Twitter strategies to grow your business • How to develop a social media business plan MGIC Mortgage Speakers Bureau MGIC mortgage industry expert speakers regularly provide customer audiences with insights and tips on a variety of industry topics, including sales, marketing and social media strategies, legislative updates, risk, mortgage industry trends, first- time homebuyers and millennial demographics, economic overviews, claims, and loss mitigation. There are no fees for this service.

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