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38 | TH E M R EP O RT Special Advertorial Section INSURANCE COMPANY GUIDE CORPORATE PROFILE Headquartered in Philadelphia, Radian connects lenders, homebuyers, investors, and loan servicers using a suite of private mortgage insurance and related risk management products and services. Radian helps promote and preserve the tradition of homeownership while protecting lenders from de - fault-related losses on residential first mortgages. The company also facilitates the sale of low-down- payment mortgages in the secondary market. The company's commitment to homeownership is built on a foundation of evaluating credit risk; Radian helps clients and investors expertly and prudently manage risk in any market condition. Its parent company, Radian Group Inc., is traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol RDN. COMPANY HISTORY Radian began securing the foundation of American homeownership almost 40 years ago. The company's roots formed in 1977 with the founding of its predecessor company, CMAC. In 1992, CMAC went public and then merged with Amerin in 1999 to form Radian. Since that time, the company's continued to increase its breadth and depth of services and customer base, providing mortgage lenders with the products, programs, and tools they need to achieve their lending goals. REGULATORY COMPLIANCE Radian is in compliance with all state insurance regulations and statutory capital requirements. The company is in good standing in all states, in particular, its state of domicile, Pennsylvania. Radian routinely monitors changes to regulations in the insurance, mortgage, real estate, and lending indus - tries that its business could be impacted by. BUSINESS LINES, SERVICES, AND PRODUCTS The company's diverse line of MI products includes options for lender or borrower-paid premiums, which can be financed as part of the mortgage, paid monthly or as a one-time upfront single premium. This flexibility enables you to find the perfect MI solution for each borrow - er. With transparent pricing, expansive guide- lines, industry-leading training, and its exclusive MortgageAssure TM , job loss protection offered on 97 percent LTV loan—it's clear the company is committed to helping its clients' businesses thrive. GEOGRAPHICAL SCOPE AND COVERAGE AREA Entire US, as well as an office in Hong Kong. COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE The Radian team is dedicated fans of homeowner- ship, and they're proud to provide the products, services, and creative thinking that help so many people make the dream of owning a home come true. It's even in their tagline to remind customers, employees, and shareholders, what their mission is—to ensure the American Dream. They accom - plish this through the array of products and pro- grams they offer. For example, at the company's own expense, it recently began offering unem- ployment insurance as an enhancement to its MI coverage on 97 percent LTV loans. This enhance- ment for first time homebuyers is designed to protect lenders and their borrowers in the event of an involuntary job loss, covering up to six monthly mortgage payments. ADDED VALUE TO CLIENTS Radian has partnered with NAHREP, NAREB, and AREAA to help educate the Hispanic, African- American, and Asian-American real estate communities respectively, on opportunities for homeownership, helping to dispel the 20 percent downpayment myth and connecting these commu - nity groups with its banking partners that offer spe- cialized programs. Radian also continues to provide general training designed for lending partners in the areas of underwriting and processing, risk manage- ment, and sales/originations. In addition, its parent company, Radian Group, recently acquired Clayton Holdings LLC, which provides mortgage origination and servicing products and services. While Clayton primarily focused on large institutions and has done work for the FDIC and other regulatory bodies, Radian is bringing Clayton products and services to the regional and community bank segment to offer additional value to our banking partners and provide them with compliance, underwriting, surveillance, and production solutions. KEYS TO SUCCESS For nearly 40 years, Radian has been delivering MI solutions its clients can depend on to better attract and serve potential homebuyers—from creative products such as MortgageAssure to helping build stronger relationships with diverse market segments. Through connectivity enhancements, Radian continues to make it easier for its custom - ers to do business, streamlining the MI process. Through its sister companies, Radian offers staff- ing, compliance, and valuation resources that meet a whole new aspect of its customers' needs while helping them save time and money. And as the only MI partner with products and ser - vices that span the mortgage spectrum, Radian is here to prove it is indispensable when it comes to helping customers achieve their business goals. KEY PERSONNEL S.A. Ibrahim CEO Teresa Bryce Bazemore President J. Franklin Hall EVP & CFO Derek Brummer EVP & Chief Risk Officer Brien McMahon EVP & Chief Franchise Officer STAFF Employees: 800 CONTACT INFORMATION 1601 Market St. Philadelphia, PA 19103 Phone: 877.RADIAN.1 Email: Web:

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