February 2016 - The Industry's Best Kept Secret

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40 | TH E M R EP O RT Special Advertorial Section INSURANCE COMPANY GUIDE COMPANY PROFILE Since 1963, United Guaranty has provided the financial products and support that help lenders manage uncertainty and risk through all market environments. Today, the company's financial soundness, capital strength, and liquidity continue to set United Guaranty apart as a solid and disciplined business partner that delivers certainty in a changing marketplace. With 52 years of history in the business, United Guaranty combines experienced risk management with world-class customer service and innovation. The company has revolutionized MI with Performance Premium ® , the industry's first comprehensive risk-based pricing, and today offers a variety of MI products to mortgage lenders of all sizes. BUSINESS PRODUCTS AND SERVICES Throughout its history, United Guaranty has provided reliable insurance products and services to the mortgage industry. Today, United Guaranty's respected business model puts private capital to work under disciplined risk management to promote sustainable home ownership across the country, and backs investment-quality mortgage securities for the secondary market. Without MI, investors would be reluctant to purchase high-LTV mortgages—significantly reducing the liquidity available to fund those loans. United Guaranty understands the risk mortgage lenders and investors face, and because the company puts its own capital to work and lowers your credit risk, it is frequently in the forefront of developing industry-wide underwriting and product standards. This commitment of its own resources means United Guaranty strives to protect stakeholders throughout the mortgage system. Its success depends on getting the standards right while working with business partners to provide the best in risk management support. Performance Premium Introduced in 2009, United Guaranty's Performance Premium was the first MI pricing plan to provide true, risk-based pricing based on a comprehensive range of risk attributes. This plan generates an MI premium that precisely reflects the credit risk of each loan—a clear, competitive advantage for lenders over static rate card pricing. Unlike rate card pricing, Performance Premium takes advantage of standard industry loan information you're already collecting to calculate a more accurate price tailored to the risk of the loan. Why limit your borrowers to one-size-fits-all pricing? Secure Quote United Guaranty's Secure Quote ® provides certainty that once you get your initial rate, you can be certain it will not increase unless your loan changes materially or moves from one common industry FICO band to another (as with any private mortgage insurer). Underwriting Trust your full-file loan submissions to United Guaranty, and you can be sure the mortgage insurer is making the right risk decision for you and your borrower. The company's highly trained underwriting staff will evaluate the entire loan file, weighing the individual risk characteristics and compensating factors. You reduce the chance of rescissions and buybacks due to an MI underwriting error because they underwrite the loan file. The expert underwriting staff also offers expanded eligibility for loans that receive a full-file underwrite at United Guaranty. All this—in 24 hours or less—from the most experienced MI underwriting team in the industry. KEYS TO SUCCESS Partner with the mortgage insurance company that puts you first. A focus on the customer drives United Guaranty's commitment to service. From streamlined communications to ensuring the right person answers your questions—the first time, every time—the United Guaranty team is dedicated to delivering superior customer service. To learn more about Performance Premium, 24- hour underwriting, or United Guaranty's industry- leading financial strength, contact your Account Executive. KEY PERSONNEL Donna DeMaio President, CEO Brian Gould EVP, COO Joseph Weider EVP, Chief Information Officer, Chief Business Officer Charles "Chip" Compton EVP, CFO Thomas Parrent EVP, Chief Risk Officer STAFF Employees: 1,100 CONTACT INFORMATION United Guaranty Residential Insurance Company United Guaranty Mortgage Indemnity Company 230 N. Elm St. Greensboro, NC 27401 Phone: 877.642.4642 Web: © 2016 United Guaranty Corporation. All rights reserved. United Guaranty is a marketing term for United Guaranty Residential Insurance Company and United Guaranty Mortgage Indemnity Company. United Guaranty, Performance Premium, and United Guaranty's Secure Quote are registered marks. Coverage is available through admitted company only.

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