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32 | Th e M Rep o RT Business Process outsourcing Special Advertorial Section Company desCription LenderLive TM Network is a domestic-based mortgage services provider. Through its six service offerings—outsource services, correspondent lending, document services, settlement services, loan servicing, and due diligence—LenderLive offers the scale, experience, and security to support its clients' origination, servicing, and loan purchase operations. The company provides services to more than 300 financial institutions nationwide. Company history Over the last 15 years, LenderLive has continually evolved to address the needs of an ever-changing mortgage industry. Originally providing loan fulfillment, the company has expanded over time to fulfill the need for subservicing and hands-on loss mitigation. Similarly, as compliance became more of an industry concern, LenderLive acquired Guardian Mortgage Documents (now branded GuardianDocs TM ) for document services. The company expanded its capabilities this year by acquiring Walz Group, LLC , a leading provider of regulatory compliance solutions, full-cycle critical document fulfillment, and Certified Mail ® Automation. Business lines, serviCes, and produCts • Outsource Services • Correspondent Lending • Loan Servicing • Document Services/GuardianDocs/WALZ • Settlement Services • Due Diligence added value to Clients LenderLive gives its clients the ability to focus on what they do best—servicing their customers, while outsourcing the cost of operational, compliance, and technology risks. In fact, the company enables clients to offer mortgages without being in the mortgage business. Likewise, LenderLive's subservicing offering provides competitive execution for smaller originators and protects their client relationships. They know that, unlike large investors, the company won't solicit their customers to cross-sell financial products providing additional customer security. Competitive advantage With the company's variable fee-for-service model, clients pay for services as they need them, converting fixed costs into variable expenses to improve their bottom line. This eliminates clients' need to invest in technology, infrastructure, and compliance expertise. The company also has a hybrid-servicing model, which offers a competitive price structure, but maintains a high-touch approach to accommodate the needs of distressed borrowers and the strategies of various investors. What are the keys to your suCCess? A company, no matter what industry it's in, must evolve in order to compete and succeed in its marketplace, which is why LenderLive continues to expand and enhance its offerings. Recently, the company has: • Upgraded its IT operations support framework, including process and tools, for clients and internal users. • Leveraged an advanced ticketing system that allows customer-service representatives to more efficiently, rapidly, and effectively manage customer requests and track incidents or requests through their lifecycle. • Begun offering hotline support in its outsourcing unit, which addresses customers' issues with a single phone call or email. In addition, LenderLive ensures it provides the data, reporting, and escalation paths needed so clients receive best executions on their portfolios. strategies and goals for 2016 LenderLive is expanding its service capabilities across all its divisions using a "component-based architecture." This architecture is important because a component that is developed by one division can be quickly consumed by another division as well as clients from any division. For example, the Outsource Services division continues to enhance and expand the capabilities in their loan fulfillment platform. Execution of a more robust correspondent lending platform is moving rapidly. This sizably increases LenderLive's velocity of capability development. speCialty, expertise, and QC initiatives LenderLive's tightly integrated units create simple solutions for complex problems. The company has proven its ability to ramp up technology, processes, and staff to meet aggressive client and compliance timelines for its various business channels. Having dedicated technical resources assigned to each business unit allows LenderLive to provide focus and control to each client while maintaining a consistent feel to their technologies across all of the business units. LenderLive Network key persoNNeL Rick Seehausen CEO and President, LenderLive David Vida President, Mortgage Services, including Outsource Services, Correspondent Lending, and Loan Servicing Jonathan Kunkle President, GuardianDocs Document Services Joe Mowery President, Title and Settlement Services staffiNg Employees: 650+ coNtact iNformatioN 710 South Ash St., Suite 200 Glendale, Colorado 80246 office: 800.891.2281 Website:

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