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32 | TH E M R EP O RT E-Lending Guide Special Advertising Section CalyxSoftware COMPANY DESCRIPTION CalyxSoftware is a provider of mortgage software solutions for banks, credit unions, mortgage bank- ers, and brokers. The company helps streamline, in- tegrate, and optimize all phases of the loan process through its reliable, innovative technologies. COMPANY HISTORY When CalyxSoftware was founded in 1991, com- petitor Contour Software was the preferred LOS for the mortgage industry. However, Calyx's founders sought to develop an alternative LOS that was not only less expensive, but also a better product in that it was easy to use and functioned the way mortgage professionals work. And so Point was created. This year marks CalyxSoftware's 25th year in busi - ness. While the industry has changed significantly— competitors like Contour are no longer in business and many new players have entered the market— Calyx has seen growth in both the broker and fi - nancial institution markets. And its flagship solution, Point, is still widely used. In addition, the company continues to expand and enhance its offerings to help its clients meet today's regulatory challenges and take advantage of new market opportunities. BUSINESS LINES, SERVICES, AND PRODUCTS The CalyxSoftware loan origination solutions include Point and PointCentral for banks, credit unions, mortgage bankers, and brokers; and PathSoftware, a highly structured, cloud-based system for mid-tier to large, enterprise-level financial institutions. The company also offers Pricer, a fully embedded prod - uct and pricing engine; Pace TRID, a web-based collaboration platform; INK-it, an easy-to-use secure electronic signature product; and WebCaster, a website-building tool. Through its LoanScoreCard subsidiary, the company also provides automated underwriting and compliance solutions. COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE CalyxSoftware is committed to providing its cus- tomers with the highest level of service and support possible. In addition to customizable in-person training, the company offers all licensed users com- plimentary phone-based support, live and recorded online training courses, webinars and access to its Knowledge Base filled with hundreds of step-by- step instructional articles. Additionally, Point is still widely recognized as one of the most user-friendly solutions in the industry. No matter how complex the calculations, business rules or configuration, Calyx remains committed to keeping things simple for the user. ADDED VALUE TO CLIENTS CalyxSoftware not only has great engineers and technology experts, but also a driven sales and support team with extensive backgrounds in the mortgage industry. Technical expertise, industry knowledge and an exceptional commitment to customer support have laid the foundation for CalyxSoftware to become a leading provider of automated mortgage solutions. SPECIALITY CalyxSoftware is dedicated to developing innova- tive, easy-to-use technology that helps mortgage professionals increase productivity and profitability. It is proud to give its customers the choice of how they want to deploy their software: on-premises (or self-hosted) or private cloud. Point has been the industry standard for basic LOSs for many years. It automates the applica - tion process, integrates with document, credit, valuation and title providers and handles basic electronic document management. Point also has the functionality to support customer relationship management, marketing programs and secondary marketing activities. It is self-hosted, which gives users greater control over their data. PathSoftware is the next generation in LOSs. Path is cloud-based and the only data-driven (not form- constrained) LOS on the market. That is, it collects all borrower and property information individu - ally and then uses those fields to populate forms, making it easier to adapt to and comply with new regulations. Path's flexible, yet precisely configured, workflows and role-based functionality help maxi - mize visibility and improve productivity in a single, integrated, multi-channel platform. KEY PERSONNEL Doug Chang President Stephen Lee CFO Ben Wu Executive Director, Technology Dennis Boggs EVP, Business Development Bob Dougherty VP, Business Development STAFFING 175 employees CONTACT INFORMATION Sales and Marketing, Support and Training 3500 Maple Ave., Suite 500 Dallas, TX 75219 Phone: 800.342.2599 Corporate Headquarters 6475 Camden Ave., Suite 207 San Jose, CA 95120 Phone: 408.997.5525 Web:

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