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64 | TH E M R EP O RT Final Thoughts The Face Off: Clinton vs. Trump In honor of July being National Convention month for both Republicans and Democrats, we have pulled together some of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump's most memorable quotes this past month regarding housing, Dodd-Frank, and each other. "I am a businessman, and I have made a lot of money in down markets, in some cases as much as I've made when markets are good." Trump's response to Clinton's recent attack on his comments about hoping the crisis would happen, made just before the crash, according to NBC News. "Impossible for bankers to function." In an interview with Reuters, Donald Trump said that the Dodd-Frank Act put in place under President Barack Obama is harming the economy, and he would release a plan soon to overhaul the regulation. "Bad judgement, poor leadership skills, and a very bad and destructive track record." Recent tweets from Trump about Clinton's stance as a leader. "He said 'I sort of hope that happens.'" At a recent campaign rally, Clinton accused Trump of wishing for a financial crash so that he could "make some money for himself," according to CNN. "[Get] bankers off the boards of regional Federal Reserve banks." An example of what Clinton has called "common sense" banking reform. "He tells them because he has to distract from the fact that he has nothing substantive to say." Clinton commenting on Twitter about why she feels Trump lies about the facts.

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