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TH E M R EP O RT | 33 LEADING LADY LEADING LADY LEADING LADY LEADING LADY LEADING LADY Terri Hunter SVP ASSET MANAGEMENT AND PORTFOLIO OVERSIGHT, CHRONOS SOLUTIONS Terri Hunter joined Chronos Solutions in 2013 and has worked in the industry for 15 years, having also held positions with Ocwen Financial Corporation, Indymac Bank, and OneWest Bank. Hunter's history of helping individuals is especially notable when it comes mentoring the next generation of female executives. Whether it is in her office or onsite with her clients, or participating in industry conventions, she takes time to meet with women of all ages and career levels. By advising or through her example of leadership, she inspires them to both reach higher and achieve more. "The women in our office know she will always take time to answer questions and give guidance, whenever it is requested," said Darcy Patch, VP Marketing, Chronos Solutions. Debbie Lastoria VP, BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT, NATIONWIDE TITLE CLEARING, INC. Having begun her career in 1984, Debbie Lastoria has built her career on a passion for being on the cutting edge of information and services while addressing regulatory compliance, streamlining processes, and reducing overall costs for clients. Recently, she has worked to develop paperless processing for clients at Nationwide Title Clearing, which will be available later this year. During her nine years at Nationwide Title Clearing, where she serves as VP of Business Development, she has helped the company achieve 400 percent growth, but she says, "Although this in itself could be named as my greatest professional accomplishment; I take more pride in knowing I make a difference in the personal growth and daily lives of over 450 employees." Sharron Levine DIRECTOR, OFFICE OF MINORITY AND WOMEN INCLUSION Sharron Levine says that as a woman in the industry she has always had to prove herself, but she has always demonstrated that she was equally qualified and equally competent in shepherding these transactions. She has always been determined to succeed, and with any challenge that has come up, she has viewed it as just that—a challenge to be worked at and to be overcome. Levine wants other women in the industry to be able to find their vision for who they are going to be and what they're going to be doing, and articulate that goal for themselves and work toward it. From her mentor's, Levine has learned when confronted with diversity, take the high road. Laurie Maggiano PROGRAM MANAGER FOR SERVICING AND SECONDARY MARKETS, CONSUMER FINANCIAL PROTECTION BUREAU Laurie Maggiano is a true industry veteran at the forefront of guiding housing policy in the United States. At the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, she helps to shape and implement Federal housing regula - tions that make mortgage markets safe and accessible for consumers. Her distin- guished career in federal service includes four years as Director of Homeown- ership Policy at the U.S. Department of the Treasury where she was one of the architects of the Making Home Affordable Program, and nine years as manager of mortgage servicing at the U.S. Department of Hous - ing and Urban Develop- ment. Before beginning her government career, Mag- giano spent 20 years in the private sector as Director of REO at Freddie Mac and in senior management posi - tions at two West Coast mortgage banks. Marion McDougall EVP, OPERATIONS, CALIBER HOME LOANS, INC. As EVP of Operations at Caliber Home Loans, Inc., Marion McDougall oversees all of Caliber's servicing operations, including per - forming servicing, default servicing, investor report- ing, asset performance, and sales acquisitions. She is also responsible for post- closing policies and proce - dures, training, and human resources. McDougall has more than 28 years' indus- try experience, including serving as COO at MetLife Bank, N.A., and holding senior leadership positions at EDS, Northwest Bank, and Independence One Mortgage Corporation. Her career began in 1983 at Standard Federal Savings Bank in Frederick, Mary - land. In order to help other women enjoy the success she has in the industry, McDougall mentors other women in her office. She is described by her peers as energetic and candid.

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