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40 | TH E M R EP O RT PROPERTY VALUATIONS PROPERTY VALUATION GUIDE Special Advertising Section KEY PERSONNEL Caroline Reaves CEO Chad Mosley COO Kim Drake-Loy General Counsel/Chief Compliance Officer STAFFING 60 employees CONTACT INFORMATION 350 Highland Drive, Suite 100 Lewisville, TX 75067 Phone: 813.387.1100 Website: CORPORATE PROFILE MCS Valuations, one of the leading full-service valu- ations providers in the industry, performs property valuations in all 50 U.S. states and surrounding ter- ritories with a product suite that includes, but is not limited to, BPOs, appraisals, evaluations, and review products. MCS Valuations' long history of providing data-validated products utilizing industry-leading quality tools, combined with excellent customer ser - vice delivers data integrity and valuation accuracy for use throughout the life cycle of a loan. The compa- ny's tenured management brings years of mortgage lending experience, as well as active participation in the valuation industry. COMPANY HISTORY MCS Valuations has been providing services in the valuation industry for more than 15 years with experience providing quality products and services to its clients, including some of the largest lenders and loan servicers in the country. MCS Valuations' tenured management has been in the mortgage and valuation industries through the economic and regu - latory changes, allowing them to understand your business and the importance of regulatory compli- ance along with excellent service. KEY FEATURES/BENEFITS Data Validated Products MCS Valuations' valuation products are data validated and reviewed for accuracy by industry leading quality tools, providing the combined benefits of data integrity, valuation accuracy, and other market indicators along with the additional value-added analysis provided by the company's knowledgeable quality control staff. MCS Valuations' expertise in review and interpreting data-validated products saves clients time, steps, and cost; and it enables faster, exception-based processing of valuations. Best-In-Class Broker Panel Management High quality valuations start with best-in-class vendor panel management. MCS Valuations maintains uncompromising standards and panel management by including comprehensive vendor scorecard systems to continuously and objectively evaluate, score, and reward quality performance. Product Quality The team at MCS Valuations is committed to compliance and regularly reviews their policies and procedures to help ensure conformance with applicable laws, including the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice and Interagency Statement on Independent Appraisal and Evaluation Functions guidelines. In addition, every valuation report undergoes a quality review to help ensure adherence to secondary market guidelines and any custom specifications you define. Technology ValuEdge and SourceNet, the company's proprietary online technology systems, lets you place, track, and deliver orders around the clock from anywhere you have Internet access. These systems also manage the valuation process and track panel member performance for quality, workload, and turnaround time. National Coverage MCS Valuations' nationwide panel network of appraisers and brokers reach every ZIP code in the U.S. and its surrounding territories. The coverage MCS Valuations provides helps ensure it can always serve your valuation needs. COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE MCS Valuations' data-driven and validated solutions incorporate property characteristics, available com- parable properties, and risk-based scoring models to arrive at an accurate and reliable property valuation. Valuation accuracy provides greater confidence in risk assessment and decision-making (over/under valuation scores, integrity scores, complexity scores, etc.). MCS Valuations' best-in class panel manage - ment practices and scoring models ensure high qual- ity third-party vendors and drive order assignments to the best qualified local real estate professional. This includes: • Comprehensive vendor scorecard system to continuously and objectively evaluate score and reward quality performance • A performance-based order allocation ensures order volumes are routed to vendors based on Platinum, Gold, or Silver classifications Complying with evolving regulations and guide- lines has introduced a new level of risk. These new demands require a reputable, financially stable busi- ness partner that you can depend on to help ensure valuation accuracy and mitigate compliance risk. MCS Valuations ensures regulatory compliance. ADDED VALUE TO CLIENTS MCS Valuations adds value to clients by providing data-validated products that are reviewed for quality and accuracy by a staff of highly trained appraisers and real estate professionals. The company's quality control staff is able to interpret the additional robust data tools available to ensure the final product is a report clients can rely upon. MCS Valuations' experi - ence allows the company to understand the com- plexity of the environment its clients are navigating and align processes to best meet their expectations. MCS Valuations

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