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TH E M R EP O RT | 9 Where Baby Boomers Call Home The Baby Boomer generation is retiring, and knowing where retirees rank states to settle could help tailor your outreach to this still sought-after generation. New Hampshire The charming towns of New Hampshire are highly ranked for senior citizens' well-being, low crime rates, and health care quality. Known for its winter sports, it scored sixth worst for weather; how- ever, its high scores in other areas keep it in the top overall spot. Colorado Vast mountains and mild weather put Colorado higher than any of the other top five states in the weather category. It rates high in its cultural vitality, senior citizens' well-being, and health care quality. Cost of living is lower than New Hampshire coming in at 33. Maine Maine has the best health care quality in the nation and came in second best for its low crime rate and prevalence of other seniors. Perfect for lovers of the sea. Iowa Cost of living in Iowa is lower than other states in the top five; it comes in at 14. Affordable living is not all that it offers, though. The state has great health care quality and senior vitality; both ranked second best in the nation. Minnesota Bordering Canada, it endures harsh winters, so Minnesota came in fourth worst for weather. Its high ranking in health care quality, cultural vitality, and senior citizens' well-being keeps it in the top five states for those retiring. Alaska Cold weather and sometimes ex- tended dark in Alaska put it at the worst state for weather. It also ranks worst for prevalence of other seniors. Being second worst for crime and third worst for cost of living, its No. 1 spot in taxes is not enough to pull them out of the worst spot to settle down for retirees. New Mexico While New Mexico's pleasant weather almost ranked the best in the nation, its bad ranking in health care quality and crime caused it to be third worst state overall for retirees. New Mexico's crime rate is the worst in the nation. West Virginia While Virginia does have a good amount of seniors, the state's poor health care quality, cultural vitality, and senior citizens' well-being scores make them the second worst on the list. Arkansas Arkansas' extremely low ratings in health care quality, crime, prevalence of other seniors, and senior citizens' well-being landed it right in the middle of the worst five states for seniors to settle down. Louisiana This state, known for its New Orleans parties, ranked extremely high for crime and lack of senior citizens' well- being. Louisiana ranked well in the U.S. for low tax rates. MDWELL T he top retirement spots buyers have come to know are not the favorites for retirees anymore. A recent study by BankRate. com assessed each state by eight key factors. From most to least important, the categories were: cost of living, health care quality, crime, cultural vitality, weather, taxes, senior citizens' well-being, and the prevalence of other seniors. This information could better help you figure out if you should be targeting a different audience. "What people think they want in retirement may not end up being what serves them best over the long run," said analyst Claes Bell, CFA. "It's about a lot more than sunny skies, beaches, and golf courses. As you get older, practical considerations like health care, taxes, and proximity to family and friends become much more important." Top 5 Bottom 5

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