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6 | TH E M R EP O RT THEMREPORT.COM Connect will make the mortgage process easier to navigate for borrowers," said Greg Holmes, National Director of Sales and Marketing at Credit Plus. Credit Plus, Inc. provides a variety of information services for mortgage professionals, includ - ing credit reports, scoring tools, Deposit and Asset Verifications, Employment Verifications, Tax Return Verifications, fraud pre - vention tools, Undisclosed Debt Verifications, flood reports, apprais- als, Lost Sales Analyses, and more. STRATMOR Gives LendingQB High Marks LENDINGQB'S LOAN ORIGINATION SYSTEM RECEIVED HIGH RATINGS FOR CUSTOMER SATISFACTION AND CUSTOMER SUPPORT IN STRATMOR GROUP'S TECHNOLOGY INSIGHTS SURVEY. A ccording to STRAT- MOR Group's Technol- ogy Insights survey released in mid-April, Lend- ingQB, a Costa Mesa, California- based provider of a web-based loan origination system (LOS), received high marks for vendor satisfaction and customer sup - port. The survey found that 11 percent of respondents reported they used LendingQB as their LOS provider—making it the second most-used provider in the survey for its category. "Lenders need more than LOS technology—they need a vendor that is committed to their suc- cess," said Tim Nguyen, President of LendingQB. "We have almost two decades' worth of experience in providing SaaS technology to businesses, so we know better than anyone the importance of customer support in a SaaS environment." In addition to being an often- selected LOS provider, LendingQB received an effectiveness rating of 93 percent and exceeded function - ality expectations for 22 percent of respondents. The company also received a vendor satisfaction score of 86 percent and the highest marks for user experience among the major LOS providers included in the survey. "The STRATMOR Group Technology Insights survey find- ings are based on 266 participants ranging in size from under $250 million to $10 billion in annual volume. These results reflect lender opinions on how they view their success with LOS technology when vendors are actively engaged in helping them meet their busi- ness objectives," Nguyen said. "LendingQB's lean lending strate- gies, best-of-breed integrations, and focus on 'adoptimization' reflects the level of support lenders need and value in addition to reliable technology." Ellie Mae Inducts ClosingCorp into Hall of Fame IN ADDITION TO BEING INDUCTED INTO THE ELLIE MAE HALL OF FAME, CLOSINGCORP RECEIVED A LENDERS' CHOICE AWARD. C losingCorp announced in April its induction into the Ellie Mae Hall of Fame. The provider of real estate cost data and technology for the mortgage and real estate services industry was selected as the win - ner of the Lenders' Choice for Best Service Provider category. "We are proud to honor our newest members of the Ellie Mae Hall of Fame," said Jonathan Corr, Ellie Mae President and CEO. "The companies recognized today represent some of the top innova - tors in the mortgage industry. They show market leadership and innovation through their use of Ellie Mae's all-in-one Encompass mortgage management solution and through their use, have driven compliance, quality, and efficiency across their organizations. We con - gratulate them on this achievement and welcome them to the Ellie Mae Hall of Fame." Ellie Mae announced the winners at the 2017 Ellie Mae Experience Conference in Las Vegas. Ten companies, com - prised of nine lenders and ClosingCorp, were inducted into this year's class. As the Lenders' Choice for Best Service Provider, ClosingCorp was nominated by Ellie Mae's clients and then se - lected by Hall of Fame members. "We're honored to receive the Lenders' Choice Award for Best Service Provider from Ellie Mae and its customers," said Bob Jennings, CEO of ClosingCorp. "This award validates the promises we've made to our clients: to provide accurate and reliable closing cost information and to continually invest in the infrastructure and technology to deliver it." Optimal Blue Debuts Application Programming Interface THE NEW PLATFORM ALLOWS CUSTOMERS TO USE OPTIMAL BLUE'S OFFERINGS WITHIN THEIR OWN INTERFACE. O ptimal Blue unveiled its new Application Pro- gramming Interface (API) initiative in April. The first de- liverables available through Op- timal Blue's new API platform allow secure access to pricing for eligible products for both consumer direct and loan officer implementations. The APIs may be used by customers who wish to integrate product and pricing data with proprietary website, mobile, or point-of-sale solu - tions, and by vendor partners whose solutions are enhanced through the integration of originator-specific price data for eligible products. "Lenders need more than LOS technology —they need a vendor that is committed to their success." —Tim Nguyen, President, LendingQB

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