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TH E M R EP O RT | 39 SPECIAL ADVERTISING SECTION KEY PERSONNEL Jane Mason President and CEO Richard Guerrero Risk and Compliance Manager Melissa Myers VP, Business Solutions CONTACT INFORMATION 11399 16th Court N., Suite 100 Saint Petersburg, FL 33716 Phone: 866.222.3370 Email: Web: CORPORATE PROFILE Clarifire is a privately held, women-owned corpora- tion that provides SaaS business process automation technology and workflow expertise to the financial ser- vices and healthcare industries. Clarifire is a Microsoft Certified Gold Partner and WBENC certified corpora- tion. The company is currently updating its SOC 2 Type 2 controls to comply with the changes from SSAE18 and the new TSP Section 100. Clarifire's technology, CLARIFIRE®, automates busi- ness processes. The technology is front-end configu- rable and delivers intelligent business rule powered processes that are easily changed without hard-coded solutions. The application can be used on a desktop, tablet, or mobile device. Clarifire helps visionary busi- nesses like yours use the power of process automation to increase productivity, add capability for driving corpo- rate change, and improve your bottom line. COMPANY HISTORY In 2007, eMASON, INC., doing business as Clarifire, entered the financial services market and enabled its clients to have a workflow solution prior to, during, and after the economic crisis and ever-changing regula- tory demands. Its workflow automation software, CLARIFIRE, drives efficiencies, controls, governance and visibility by providing business process automa- tion, that is front-end configurable. The capability to make changes fast made the early adopters of the technology leaders in the industry. Today, clients use CLARIFIRE for all types of workflow and continue to add on, eliminate gaps, and continuously improve how they do business. BUSINESS LINES, SERVICES, AND PRODUCTS CLARIFIRE's low-code workflow automation software contains all elements needed to target operational goals across your entire organization all at once—or incre- mentally. Your organization can resolve departmental pain points with flexible and interactive workflow driven processes, which provides a cohesive and comprehen- sive control methodology enterprise wide. The financial services industry leverages CLARIFIRE software to automate processes in accordance with your own business rules while launching configu- rable, interactive, dynamic related workflow. Whether you're managing post-closing activities, corporate advance reconciliations, CFPB compliance, customer service approvals and escalations, or end-to-end loan operations—CLARIFIRE automates and stream- lines your processes. Serving the customer is at the heart of the applica- tion. CLARIFIRE allows you to personalize each borrower experience all in one dynamic platform. The CLARIFIRE COMMUNITY® feature brings the customer into your operational processes and enables bidirectional, real-time communication and collabora- tion. Through this secure portal, customers can ask questions, submit requests, and upload the images necessary to move their process forward from their computer, tablet, and mobile device. With a simple click, borrowers can launch a workflow, therefore automatically gaining operational efficiencies for the organization and have on-demand access to the infor- mation they need when they need it. KEY FEATURES/BENEFITS Configurability—CLARIFIRE delivers workflow with processes that are easily changed without the need for IT or development teams, saving time and money. Efficiency—CLARIFIRE creates efficiencies through multi-directional push-pull of data with real-time dynamic views across the servicing continuum. Speed to Market and Scalability—CLARIFIRE's existing proven processes, configuration options, in- teroperability, and expertise offer rapid implementation solutions whenever you want it. Accessibility—As a SaaS model with zero footprint, the Clarifire Private Cloud protects your data with state-of-the-art technology and aggressive security protocols. Innovation—The CLARIFIRE platform provides a new way of thinking—start small, think big. Own your own change and reach strategic goals by using process automation to add value quickly. Reporting—Real time dashboards, and pre-defined reports are all available within CLARIFIRE. Data is extracted into your data warehouse and interoperability with predictive analytics tools, providing seamless accessibility to your data and trends. COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE • Front-end configurability/flexibility. Power users, not programmers, can quickly make updates to processes, add parameters to web services and more. This increases capabilities and fast implementation timelines. • Multi-point solution. Use CLARIFIRE to bring all your point solutions together into one powerful platform, sharing data, automatically driving logical flows, filling gaps creating a compelling efficiency curve. • Continued modernization. Clarifire's development team continues to improve, modernize, and increase the self-service functionality of CLARIFIRE. The roadmap for this year includes more drag-and-drop capabilities, access to more tables from the UI, more front-end interoperability, and management of web services—along with embedding of an OCR AI engine. This will automate the processing of data and images using the business rules engine in CLARIFIRE to automatically launch workflows based on image types and more. clarifire

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