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40 | TH E M R EP O RT SPECIAL ADVERTISING SECTION Factom KEY PERSONNEL Paul Snow CEO Jason Nadeau Consultant Laurie Pyle COO Jay Smith CMO Zachary Lynde CFO STAFFING 30 Employees CONTACT INFORMATION 7320 N. Mopac Expressway, 301 Austin TX, 78759 Phone: 408.462.1562 Email: Website: CORPORATE PROFILE Factom, Inc. is an Austin-based blockchain tech- nology company that is on a mission to provide blockchain data provenance for complex industries. Factom specializes in building scalable blockchain technology to handle complex enterprise data and volume. With clients such as the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Factom is the recognized leader in pro- viding blockchain solutions to preserve, ensure, and validate digital records. COMPANY HISTORY Founded in 2014, Factom is on mission to become the industry leading provider of blockchain data provenance solutions, designed and architected to sustain enterprise-level complex data, scalability, and interactions. Factom raised a Series A investment round in 2016, raising over $8 million in investments led by Tim Draper, of Draper Associates, Peeli Ventures, and Harvest Equity. BUSINESS LINES, SERVICES, AND PRODUCTS Factom has the first collaborative blockchain platform that publishes evidence for the mortgage industry. Factom's API integrates directly with your existing software, allowing you to share, audit, and exchange sensitive documents that are stored privately behind your firewalls with the power of blockchain tech- nology. Reducing the liability of lost documents, incomplete or order versions, reducing audit time, and preventing costly disputes. KEY FEATURES/BENEFITS Simple: Factom Harmony simply solves compliance and documentation problems and hides the complexity blockchain technology and networks. Fast: Because it's an API product that seamlessly integrates into existing systems, it can be prototyped and deployed immediately. By removing the complexity of blockchain, integration and deployment is a simple SaaS solution. Trusted: Factom is one of the fastest growing and trusted providers of blockchain solutions. Factom has already been chosen by the Department of Homeland Security, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and organizations in both the mortgage and insurance industries. Innovative: There is no question that blockchain is the new Internet. Every leading Fortune 500 company and all the leading technology companies have blockchain as a major part of their strategies. Don't be left behind. COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE The Factom blockchain protocol was architected specifically for Enterprise complex data, volume, and interactions. Other blockchains were not built to solve the complex nature of what it takes to be an enter- prise business. ADDED VALUE TO CLIENTS Factom brings the complexity of blockchain down to a simple suite of APIs tailored to the mortgage industry. Building upon the world's most innovative technol- ogy since the internet, Factom has introduced a completely different way of thinking about preserving data, documents, and evidence for compliance and collaboration. KEYS TO YOUR SUCCESS Factom believes that real, meaningful success comes from collaboration with the industry and not by try- ing to massively disrupt tried-and-true processes. Factom's mortgage solution works with existing systems and processes to significantly improve com- pliance, collaboration, and audit tracking. By utilizing blockchain to reduce costs and increase efficiency from within the process all parties can succeed. INDUSTRY AWARDS, ACCOLADES, AND MILESTONES • MReport 2017 Women in Housing - Leading Ladies: Laurie Pyle • CB Insights Fintech Awards 2017

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