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TH E M R EP O RT | 3 CO NTE NTS 24 THE MILLENNIAL MINDSET Delving into the concerns of millennial homebuyers and how to reach out to them more effectively. 32 WHEN THE GOING GETS TOUGH What can be done to help lenders improve profit margins and originate loans more cost effectively? 36 DESIGNING THE PERFECT MATCH An evolution in machine learning innovations, along with traditional scorecard modeling, is creating a more predictive credit score that aids both lenders and consumers. 40 THE PERSONAL TOUCH To retain leads in a marketplace made increasingly competitive by online shopping and price comparisons, lenders need to utilize what online platforms can't offer—the human element. 44 LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION When it comes to affordability, the state of the market depends very much on which market you're discussing. SPECIAL SECTION 47 BEST IN ORIGINATION SERVICE PROVIDERS GUIDE By combining best practices with cutting-edge technology, these top origination service providers offer comprehensive mortgage solutions. DEPARTMENTS 10 TAKE 5 Todd Jones, BBMC Mortgage President 20 2018 KEYSTONE AWARD RECIPIENTS The inaugural Keystone awards honored women who exemplify characteristics that strengthen and support the business of mortgage. See who are the 2018 recipients.

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