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TH E M R EP O RT | 49 SPECIAL ADVERTISING SECTION: 2018 ORIGINATION GUIDE Calyx KEY PERSONNEL Doug Chang President Bob Dougherty Executive Vice President, Business Development Sung Park Senior Vice President, Product Development CONTACT INFORMATION Corporate Headquarters 6475 Camden Ave., Suite 207 San Jose, CA 95120 Sales and Marketing, Support and Training 3500 Maple Ave., Suite 500 Dallas, TX 75219 Phone: 800.362.2599 Web: COMPANY DESCRIPTION Calyx is a leading provider of innovative technology solutions that help streamline and simplify the mortgage origination process for banks, credit unions, mortgage bankers, and brokers. COMPANY HISTORY Calyx has been a recognized leader in the loan origination systems (LOS) space for more than two decades. Its flagship product, Point ® , was the first widely adopted, affordable, easy-to-use LOS—designed to work the way mortgage professionals work. Over time, Point and PointCentral ® became the LOS of choice for more than 60,000 users. Today, these systems and Path ® , the company's state-of-the-art, cloud-based, end-to-end platform, are seamlessly integrated with more than 200 vendors to accelerate and enhance the loan process. Other game-changing Calyx offerings include Portfolio Producer™, the industry's first non-agency customized automated underwriting system (AUS) and pricing engine; and Zip™, a dynamic loan interview platform that significantly enhances customer engagement and pull-through. BUSINESS LINES, SERVICES, AND PRODUCTS The company's offerings include: • Point, LOS of choice for small to mid-size retail originators • PointCentral, enhanced server-based version of Point • Path, cloud-based end-to-end LOS designed for mid-tier to enterprise-level organizations • Portfolio Producer, automated non-agency underwriting and customized pricing engine that enables originators to price and prequalify portfolio loans • WebCaster ® , website development tool with doc exchange and e-sign • Zip, affordable, easy-to-use loan interview platform with doc request and e-sign conveniently accessible to borrowers via a personalized URL. COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE Calyx is a customer-centric company, focused on developing technology to solve the real-world problems its customers face. The company's leaders understand that different approaches to the lending process require different LOSs. This is why they offer LOS choices designed to match the variety of ways originators run their businesses. Path is Calyx's newest, most advanced LOS. The cloud-based, highly configurable, end-to-end LOS is designed for lenders who take a more manufacturing approach to origination or have multiple channels (retail, correspondent, and wholesale) that need to reside on a single platform. Path is data-driven, which means users input all borrower and property information once in logical data fields and not repeatedly across multiple forms—dramatically reducing data errors and increasing efficiency. The LOS allows mid-tier to enterprise-level financial institutions to simplify and streamline the entire loan production process, delivering maximum control and visibility at every step. Calyx offers the choice of Point and PointCentral, which are used by thousands of retail mortgage businesses requiring highly flexible processes where employees often wear multiple hats. Point has been the industry standard for years due to its ease of use, reliability, and the total solution it delivers. Point automates the origination process and delivers seamless connection to a wide choice of disclosure, credit, valuation, title, and verification providers. PointCentral combines the functionality of Point with a centralized, networked database. PointCentral delivers strong security, remote access, audit trails, customizable forms and templates, and a robust business rules engine for workflow and compliance management. ADDED VALUE TO CLIENTS Calyx invests in mortgage experts with deeply qualified leadership, as well as engineers, and technologists who deliver easy to use, reliable solutions that empower customers to continue to be successful in this digital age. The company's experienced sales and support staff are committed to delivering best-in-class customer service. In addition, Calyx provides customizable in-person training, complimentary phone-based support, live webinars, recorded training classes, and access to its Knowledge Base filled with hundreds of step-by-step instructional articles. KEY FEATURES/BENEFITS Calyx is committed to building products that are easy to learn, simple to use, and affordable. They understand the mortgage business inside and out, which informs all product development, customer training, support materials, and service. In addition, one of the big challenges that customers face today is implementing the technology that they're buying. Path Retail edition typically takes 21 days to implement—the fastest LOS launch time in the industry—because it is pre-configured to save customers implementation and setup time and effort.

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