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10 | TH E M R EP O RT TAKE 5 Learning From the Past and Looking Beyond Yourself With US Bank's Timika Cole Outside perspectives can open your eyes to unconscious bias and help shape a more effective future for the industry. T imika Cole serves as SVP, Operations Group Manager for the Recovery & Loss Prevention areas of US Bank that focus on mitigating the bank's exposure by preserving proper- ties, managing post-foreclosure, and recovering expenses for the bank. She's heavily involved with various mortgage banking industry initiatives designed to improve the operational processes for the bank's customers, property preser- vation, and claims. Cole serves as a sponsor for the bank's Employee Network, which focuses on bring- ing employees with similar back- grounds, experiences, or interests together to network, learn, develop leadership skills, and contribute powerfully to the company and their communities. She is also the bank's Champion for Diversity & Inclusion for Consumer Bank- ing Sales & Support, where she partners with other leaders to meet diversity and inclusion objectives and bring development opportuni- ties across all business lines. Some of her recent charitable work includes partnering with MelRo's Foundation to bring education to U.S. foster-care par- ents and resources for Ghanaian orphan children. She also recently formed the nonprofit organization Su Exito, which provides life-skill tools for children in foster care to be ready for emancipation at age 18. She is also involved with a non-profit organization (Reaching Higher Heights 4Life) that is affili- ated with her church that focuses on using Performing Arts as a mechanism to draw & encourage urban kids to go outside of their surroundings and reach higher than their circumstances. They provide successful tools in build- ing better relationships, reviving through healthy eating, resources through education and employ- ment and redemption through others. Cole was nominated for a 2018 Keystone Award within the cat- egory of Community Leadership, which honors those who have successfully broken barriers and helped lead the charge in develop- ing diverse workplace cultures by fostering inclusive and welcoming environments for people of every color, creed, and gender to prosper and achieve over adversity. Cole sat down with MReport during the 2018 Five Star Conference to discuss her nomination, the lessons she's learned during 20 years in mortgage, and what advice she would have for women now enter- ing the industry. M // What did your 2018 Keystone Award nomination mean to you? COLE // I'm excited and humbled to be nominated alongside hun- dreds of talented women from the industry. Someone saw my talents and thought that what I've been doing over the last several years has made a difference, whether it was breaking down barriers for women in terms of policy or working to be a trailblazer of change. It's also very special being recognized in the Community Leadership area, because I do a lot from the community perspective, so I'm very excited and thankful. M // You're a sponsor for US Bank's Employee Network and also the bank's Champion for Diversity and Inclusion. What lessons have you learned from this work that you've been able to apply to your larger role as an SVP? COLE // My role with diversity and inclusion for US Bank has opened my eyes to unconscious bias. We all have it, but we don't always recognize how uncon- scious bias can limit us. Going through the training and then meeting people and learning what challenges they are facing has made a huge impact. Learning to recognize unconscious bias is one thing, but bringing further aware- ness and doing something about it is also important. That awareness comes through training, network- ing, and working to empower

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