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18 | TH E M R EP O RT FEATURE units do: helping others, sharing knowledge, offering mentoring, and making connections without expecting anything in return. Meanwhile, in taker cultures, the norm is to get as much as possible from others while contributing less in return. Employees help only when they expect the personal benefits to exceed the costs, as opposed to when the organizational benefits outweigh the personal costs." Giver cultures also mean those where an individual's profes- sional development is given high priority, and that's where some of the best companies in business differentiate themselves. Apart from its in-house Carrington University, which offers a wealth of classes to help employ- ees learn essential skills and develop their personal and professional goals, Carrington also offers tuition reimbursement from accredited colleges or universities. Through this program, eligible regular full-time employees can be reimbursed up to $5,250 per year, and eligible regular part-time associates may be reim- bursed up to $3,000 per year. Another example that Carrington's Sharga gives is a program called LeaderSHIFT, a self-mastery program for high- potential employees to develop leadership competencies and management skills. "The 2017-2018 LeaderSHIFT graduating class in- cluded 85 Associates from across Carrington," Sharga said. In addition to paid parental leave, free onsite biometric screen- ings, flu shots, and diabetes- and maternity-support programs, Black Knight offers its employees to learn and grow through its eL- earning portal Skillport that fea- tures "hundreds of digital courses and certification programs at any time via desktop and mobile app," according to Circelli. "These learning opportunities range from company-specific courses to modules on intrapersonal business skills and preparatory materials for technical certifications." For employees seeking a more in-depth educational experience, the Black Knight University offers in-person and live-streamed cours- es covering topics in business and technology. The company has also launched a knowledge- sharing collaboration site called the Black Knight Guru Program, where subject-matter experts act as internal resources for their colleagues. "Our Gurus can help solve problems, explain complex market trends, and demo new and evolving technologies." The dress code at MCS might be casual, but the company takes career opportunities for its em- ployees seriously and offers train- ing to get new hires up to speed quickly and a very defined career path for those who are interested in moving up in the company. Rewards and Recognition C ompanies are fast waking up to the power of recognition in retaining employees. Whether it is a policy of promoting from within or having customers and vendors taking part in recognizing an employee's efforts, organiza- tions across the mortgage industry have some form of rewards and recognition program to celebrate their employees' achievements. Carrington's Best Catch program, for example, gives its broker, retail mortgage, and servicing customers the opportunity to recognize em- ployees who provide exceptional service through online feedback to the Associates' managers. Finicity's Hutchins said that team- member engagement worked best when individuals felt valued, their work was deemed important, and they felt connected to a company mission that has a meaningful impact on society. The company offers employees unlimited paid time off, in an industry where, according to Hutchins, late hours and intense commitment to projects is the norm. "Additionally, every year, Finicity recognizes its 'Most Valuable Finitizens' from within the company, and treats them to a group trip, with spouses and signifi- cant others," he said. RCN Capital has embraced the concept of promotion from within. "Numerous employees at RCN have been promoted from within," Tesch said, giving examples of Erica LaCentra, the company's Director of Marketing, who started with RCN as an entry-level marketing associate, and Matt Ferrigno, Senior Loan Officer who began his career as an intern with the company. "RCN's team goals are punctu- ated with monthly goal check-ins, recognizing company achievements, and milestones, as well as the hard work the employees are putting in along the way," Tesch said. "Black Knight's Champion Award Program allows our senior leaders to recognize employees each month for going above and beyond their job duties to help us continue to provide consummate customer service and technology to the mortgage industry," Circelli said. "The winner's entire campus is invited to hear an executive de- tail the winner's accomplishments Whether it is best hiring practices or fostering a culture of giving back, employee engagement begins with the top management.

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